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Who Is Tyler Henry, The Hollywood Medium?

Tyler Henry, Hollywood Psychic to the Stars, was born on January 13, 1996 – making him one of the youngest successful mediums in the industry. Tyler grew up in Hanford, California, which is a town outside of Fresno, and attended Sierra High School in Hanford.

Tyler was always advanced for his age, with his mother recalling that the things he would say as a small boy were unlike other children. He was not only mature beyond his years but was also intellectually advanced, participating in an accelerated program in high school that allowed him to graduate early.

It was Sierra High School that gave Tyler his first public arena to provide his clairvoyant services to both students and faculty.

It wasn't always easy to “out” himself as a medium, as Tyler puts it. As a gay young man, he felt that at times there was little difference between announcing to people that he was a medium and announcing that he was gay. Both aspects of himself came with the possibility of criticism or lack of understanding. In fact, living in an area with a large religious population created even more difficulty for Tyler, as many people struggled with their personal religious conflicts.

Tyler believes in his ability to provide evidence-based readings, and strives to provide information to clients that could not be located through a Google search or research of any kind. Though he understands skepticism and claims to be a bit of a skeptic himself, he works hard to provide readings that stray from “general” or “vague” statements and searchable information.

Tyler took years to understand his gift, himself. He can recall the first real moment that he was given a psychic message which greatly impacted him and his family. In 2006, when Tyler was 10 years old, his grandmother had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. One night he awoke with a “knowing” that his grandmother was about to pass. He went to his mother and insisted that they needed to go to his grandmother right away and say their final goodbye. However, they did not make it to his grandmother in time. Only mere minutes after Tyler's middle-of-the-night message, a phone call came to the house letting the family know that his grandmother had passed away.

Though Tyler has experienced many years with a clairvoyant gift, he was still developing his psychic ability and fine-tuning this gift that allows him to connect with the other side. His first experience with receiving a psychic message at 10 years old was much different than the clairvoyant messages that he experiences now. That early stage of his psychic ability to have an indescribable “knowing” that his grandmother was about to pass away is what is called “claircognizance”.

Today, as an experienced clairvoyant, Tyler has a gift that enables him to receive psychic messages through “visions” that present information about a person, location, object, or event through this “sixth sense” – or extrasensory connection. There are several ways a psychic can receive messages and information, including: hearing (clairaudience), smelling (clairscent), feeling/ touching (clairsentience), tasting (clairgustance), and communication (clairenunciate). As a Clairvoyant Medium, Tyler receives messages mainly through vision, while being a “Medium” refers to his ability to connect those who have deceased with those who are living beings.

Once Tyler graduated Sierra High School early, his plans were far from becoming a world-renowned Medium. In fact, Tyler had dreams of becoming a hospice nurse; assisting people as they were one the edge of journeying to The Other Side. Any psychic will tell you that they have limited psychic intuition about their own lives – about as much as any of us do. Therefore, Tyler had no idea that his career would look any different than his dream to become a hospice nurse.

It wasn't until he went for his own psychic reading at a teen that he was told a very different outcome. The psychic woman told Tyler that he would become a nationally-known medium with his own television show and would write many successful books. She told Tyler that being a medium would be his life's work. It was hard for Tyler to believe; after all, he came from a small town and had not even acquired a drivers license yet. He had not envisioned going far from home, and had no interest in the television industry. In fact, he knew very little about the world outside of Hanford, California, including sports teams, pop culture, and celebrities.

Sure enough, just as the psychic woman had predicted, Tyler was “discovered” at the young age of 19, and was signed to a television series on E! Television. The show aired just one week after Tylers 20th birthday, and included 10 episodes where Tyler would blind-visit celebrity homes to give psychic readings on camera. One of the endearing and unique aspects of Tylers interaction with these celebrities is his honest unfamiliarity with the majority of them.

As the doors open to reveal his celebrity client of the day, Tyler would often politely smile and later admit to not knowing who they were. These celebrities included the likes of Tom Arnold, Nene Leaks, Tracy Gold, Snooky, and The Kardashians, among countless others.

When Tyler is asked what the clairvoyant experience feels like, he describes it as a complete immersion of multiple senses. What he describes as mental and visual impressions is at times a very physically draining experience that can leave him feeling weak, sweaty, and even nauseous. Because of his keen ability to connect with the medical and physical details of a person, living or deceased, Tyler can physically take on the symptoms that are at the forefront of the reading or message.

In a pyschic reading for Nene Leaks, Tyler became so physically ill due to the rush of medical messages coming from Nene's deceased loved one, that he almost cut the reading short. He became visibly distressed and uncomfortable, which he later described as the symptoms of medical issues the deceased loved one was “showing” to validate their presence to Nene.

In order to best prepare for a reading, Tyler has learned to spend some time in meditation about 1 hour before the reading. During this meditative state, he can often connect with who ever is going to be coming through from The Other Side, any details about them, and can even start to receive some of the messages they have to give.

This information is received before he even knows who is client is, but it helps to piece things together more efficiently once the reading is in process. The messages he receives through pre-reading meditation may not always make sense at that time, but he can quickly connect those dots and provide a more in-depth reading by “taking notes” earlier on in the day.

Tyler Henry has taken the world by storm through his successful E! Television show, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. In fact, E! Television has signed him for Season 2, which airs on August 7, 2016. Though Tyler has made a wonderful impact in Hollywood with dozens – if not hundreds – of celebrity clients, his ultimate goal is to work with parents who have lost a child to suicide. This connection between living parent and their deceased children has come up often enough in Tyler's journey as a clairvoyant medium, that he would like to make it a main focus in his career.

No matter how Tyler Henry chooses to use his clairvoyance and medium ability, there is no doubt that his life will be lived in a way that intends to bring peace and closure to countless people through messages from The Other Side. And also perhaps, a greater acceptance of the mysterious “sixth sense” we are fortunate enough to witness from a young man who exudes maturity, authenticity, and comfort to those who seek his unique gifts.

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