Best Online Psychic Readings For 2016

jen Welcome! I started this online psychic reviews website five years ago to help people find the best online psychic readers. I have always been fascinated with all things clairvoyant and thought that creating a website would be a great creative outlet for me to not only explore my passion on the subject but to also to help others by connecting those seeking answers with genuine psychics.

I have personally received readings from all the psychic networks reviewed on this site and do my best to outline the strengths and weaknesses of each individual psychic network. Below is a list of quick tips/suggestions I have come up for you to consider to ensure you find the best online psychic for you!

Tips for Finding A Great Psychic Reader!

Make sure your psychic is carefully screened. The most reputable online psychic networks require their psychics to undergo a stringent screening process, which often includes conducting test readings. First and foremost, look for a psychic network that vets its professional psychics for you so you can narrow your choices with confidence.

Decide if you want structured or unstructured psychic guidance. Structured readings typically use tools, such Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, or numerology to reveal hidden truths to guide you toward better decisions. Unstructured readings are based on what your psychic intuitively senses about you and include clairvoyant, spiritual, and past life readings. There is no "right or wrong"; you should choose the type of reading that speaks most to you.

Make sure you feel a connection with the psychic's bio. It's surprising how many people simply "rate shop" without fully reading the psychic's bio. Most psychics include a photo, an "about me" section, areas of expertise, type of reading style (intuitive, expressive, straightforward, etc.) and a few post messages and videos. Always folow your inner voice to guide you to the right choice.

Pay particular attention to the psychic's specialties. Would you select a dermatologist to perform your heart surgery? Of course not! The vast majority of psychics list their specialties. Always consult this list before selecting a psychic to ensure the psychic specializes in the type of reading you are seeking.

Read what other customers are saying. Most psychic profiles include star ratings and customer reviews. Look for reviews that are both objective and informative.

Don't fall for scams. No genuine phone psychic reader or online psychic network will use fear, intimidation, or belittling tactics to coerce you to give up your money or your power. If a so-called psychic starts talking about "evil spirits" or "a curse upon you", he or she is not the real deal and you should cease any and all communication. See tips for avoiding common psychic scams here.

My Top Online Psychic Network Picks For October

Ask Now Psychics

Are you seeking answers to some of life's toughest questions about love and relationships, career goals or maybe your financial future? You can only find real answers when you contact Ask Now Psychics. Based out of Clearwater, Florida, Ask Now Psychics has been offering psychic insights for over 21 years and are widely known as a trustworthy name in online psychic readings arena.

First and foremost, AskNow is dedicated to hiring genuinely talented phone psychic readers with true intuitive gifts. Ask Now has stated that only one in 85 psychics that apply earn the title "certified psychics" (That means Ask Now hires roughly 1% of all psychics that apply) and every one of them has three things in common: clarity of vision, accuracy of reading, and commitment to helping people just like you.

Psychic readings are available by either telephone or online chat and you can choose from three psychic levels: Top-Rated, Elite or Master Advisor. If you're a first-time caller, it's as easy as clicking a "Call me" or "Chat with me" button and following the voice prompt to reserve talk/chat time with your preferred psychic.

Ask Now makes it easy to choose the psychic that's right for you. Just browse through the "Our Psychics" categories and look for the specialty you're most comfortable with (such as: astrology readings, numerology, discovering past lives, dream interpretation and so much more).

Before you opt for a particular psychic, you can get familiar with them by reading how they use their expertise to provide loving, guided readings. Some psychics even include a PLAY button feature so you can hear them speak openly about their unique and healing gifts.

The Ask Now Psychics website is one of the most comprehensive around with daily videoscopes (Lovescopes, Spiritscopes and Moneyscopes), articles, and daily/weekly horoscopes.

It is clear that Ask Now Psychics is serious about customer satisfaction. They offer 24/7 customer support and a no-risk guarantee: you must be 100% satisfied with your reading or, at any time, you can call customer service and receive up to 10 minutes of time with another psychic reader of your choice.

October Promotion: Ask Now offering a great introductory offer to new customers! For a limited time, you can purchase 15 minutes with any phone psychic for only $10 (or $0.66 per minute). To redeem, call Ask Now Toll Free 1-888-628-1444

Psychic Source

Founded in 1989, Psychic Source has been doing a whole lot of things right in its 27 years of continuous service. With the best phone psychic readings from authentic live psychics combined with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there's plenty of evidence to back up its claim as "the most respected psychic service available."

Their easy-to-navigate website is arguably the best around with one clear goal in mind: to do everything possible to make readings convenient, easy, fun and ultimately, rewarding.

At a glance, you can click on your choice of psychics and quickly discover their subject and expertise, the types of tools they use, their psychic reading style, their words of wisdom, and their phone and online psychic chat schedule. The bottom of the screen provides helpful suggestions on other psychics who may be similar to the one you've selected.

You can choose your psychic with confidence. Each clairvoyant hired by Psychic Source goes through an extremely strict screening process and must provide two authentic psychic readings with a proven psychic advisor. At the end of the day, less than 5% of applicants are invited to remain.

These immensely talented psychics are spread across specialties such as clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, intuitive/empathy, psychic medium (to name a few) and work with tools such as angel cards, astrology, numerology, past life interpretation, rune stones, spirit guides and tarot cards.

Psychic Source keeps tabs on your most recently viewed advisors so you can reconnect easily. Plus it gives you an easy way to track your favorites and receive alerts when they're available. All of this adds up to a Class A experience.

Psychic Source absolutely stands by their psychics and readings. Their satisfaction guarantee is most reassuring - if not the best in the industry. If you're not happy, you can request a total refund of your money or the time back to try another psychic. With this strong guarantee, rigorous psychic screening, an attentive Customer Care team and active involvement by customers in rating and reviewing psychics, you can be confident that Psychic Source is welcoming, safe and risk-free.

October Promotion: For the month of October, Psychic Source is offering a sweet sign up deal to all new customers. Minutes can be purchased for as low as $0.66 per minute and Psychic Source will give you THREE minutes for free toward any phone psychic reading! To redeem, call Psychic Source Toll Free 1-855-811-7245

Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood Psychics has been in operation less time than the competition, but, in that short amount of time, it has developed a strong reputation as a top contender in the online psychic reading industry for providing high quality psychic phone readings. Their satisfaction guarantee is clearly communicated to new/potential clients. They work to make sure that each client is happy with their reading and is treated with compassion and professionalism.

One of the many great features that makes Hollywood Psychics a top choice is the ability for you to choose the psychic you want to work with. The site offers a picture of the available psychics along with information about their style, subjects, tools, and abilities that they offer. Some psychics use tools like oracle cards, tarot cards, astrology, or crystals during their readings while others do not. There are also a variety of abilities that these psychics possess such as remote viewing, channeling, and clairvoyance among many others.

The Hollywood Psychics can make predictions in all of life's arenas. Some Hollywood Psychics are able to communicate into the beyond and pass messages to and from loved ones who have died.

Hollywood Psychics is very selective in their hiring of psychics that they allow to do online and phone readings to clients. Hollywood Psychics is so strict in their hiring, they claim only 2% of applications are actually hired. This ensures that the psychics employed by Hollywood Psychics are best-in-class and not fraudulent.

Choosing Hollywood Psychics allows you to rest easy knowing you are working with a respectable company and highly experienced psychics. With Hollywood Psychics's money back gaurentee, you have nothing to lose. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your phone psychic reading, you can get your money back!

October Promotion: For a limited time, new Hollywood Psychics customers can purchase minutes with any psychic reader at Hollywood Psychics for as low as $0.50 per minute. To redeem, call Hollywood Psychics Toll Free 1-855-970-0204

Preparing For Your First Phone Psychic Reading

Are you ready for your first phone psychic reading but a little bit nervous? That's normal! There is something about talking to a psychic over the phone that makes the experience more daunting. If you are worried about your first experience, here are some ways you can prepare yourself to get the most out of your psychic reading:

Organize Your Thoughts. Keeping your thoughts organized will help both you and your choosen psychic get the most out of the time you have. Before your phone call, try to list your questions on a piece of paper and have it sitting before you for the duration of the call.

Remember to Keep an Open Mind. Being a little skeptic is healthy, but try to strike a balance between open-mindedness and skepticism. Do not get pulled in by your skepticism or the session will be unproductive. Take plenty of notes. Make conclusions after all of the evidence has been presented. It is important to view yourself simply as a truth seeker.

Relax Yourself. Nerves are both common and normal before your first reading. Unfortunately, they can also be very disruptive to the session. Find a way to unwind before you go into your session; you may even want to take 15-30 minutes to calm yourself down. Try to drink some tea and set aside your concerns and stresses of the day. Having a peaceful mind is a key factor in a successful psychic reading.

Ask Complex Questions. Always make a list for yourself. Ask questions with real depth; questions that will be worth your time. Questions starting with "what" or "how" or "why" will open the door to a conversation with more depth than basic "yes or no" questions.

Remove Distractions. If you are distracted during any phone psychic reading, it will not be as powerful as it could have been. During your reading, focus on what the psychic is saying. Make sure the surrounding area is quiet and comfortable. Try to remove any pets from the immediate area, turn off the TV and get away from anything that makes a lot of noise.

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