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Psychic Dangers of Using A Ouija Board

Psychic Dangers Of Using a Ouija Board

As the primitive human brain developed more, and they perceived themselves as living beings, they started asking questions. They wondered how they got here, why they were here, and what happened after they died.

They created mythological explanations for all the questions then passed them down through oral tradition.

When people from ancient cultures died, it was a normal assumption that part of them lived on in the world. These people developed sacred rituals that attempted to understand the realm of the dead and to continue communication with them.

Specially-trained spiritual leaders guided their people in ceremonies that honored their passed loved ones and conveyed messages from beyond the grave. There is a whole paranormal science devoted to necromancy, which is the Greek word for communication with the dead.

While people have always consulted mediums to contact their dead loved ones, necromancy had its heyday in 19th century America. Séances became favorite parlor games and many Americans were interested in the new Spiritual Movement. Tales of floating tables, glowing crystal balls, disembodied voices, and possession spread from coast to coast. Even First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln held a séance to connect to her beloved husband after his assassination.

Those who claim to have the ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits are called psychic mediums. The instruments they use, called divination tools, vary according to the medium’s preferences. Some may use a crystal ball, while others might prefer scrying into a dish of water. Seekers had to find and pay these mediums if they wanted any spiritual communication.

In 1890, a special tool was invented that provided necromancy ability to the public. Charles Kennard and Elijah Bond patented a board that contained the alphabet, numbers, and some common phrases. The board came with a pointed wooden puck called a planchette. Instead of having the wearisome task of a medium tapping out the alphabet for messages, the inventors claimed that their planchette would quickly spell out messages on the board. They named their invention the Ouija board.

Over the years, other manufacturers came up with their own versions, sometimes calling them “Spirit boards” or “Witching boards.” The famous family game company, Parker Brothers, patented their own version of the Ouija board. It became a popular game for children for years and is still available today.

Is the Ouija board a harmless parlor game or does it have the uncanny ability to transcribe messages from beyond? Whether you believe in its powers or not, most psychic experts warn people to be careful when using this tool. Some paranormal experts even advise people to stay away from Ouija boards.

If you are interested in communicating through a Ouija board, here is some important caveats to consider:

How Does The Ouija Board Work?

The original directions to the board say that all the participants should sit around the board, and bring their concentration together. Each person puts his/her hand on the planchette, and waits for it to move. Most people who have a Ouija session start out with asking if any spirit is present in the room.

If the board indicates “yes”, then it may start to spell out messages and answer participants’ questions. Is it the power of suggestion that makes people move the planchette unintentionally? Or is it a spectral presence that spells out messages? That is up to you to decide.

Can A Ouija Board Be Dangerous?

The spiritual world is nothing to take lightly. Over the years, many Ouija board participants have reported negative experiences. Psychic experts believe that divination tools such as the Ouija board open portals between this world and other dimensions. People who are not trained to recognize ghosts and spirits can accidently invite something into their home that they wish they had not.

Consider your Ouija board to be a supernatural front door to your home. When you call up spirits to come through the board, it is like opening your natural front door and proclaiming a welcome to whoever wants to enter. While you may get a friendly soul, you can also roll out the red carpet to a diabolical and dangerous spirit.

If you are not an experienced medium, you will not know what is communicating with your participants. You can contact a ghost (who was once human) or a spirit (a being that was never human).

Like people, there are good ones and bad ones in each category. The dangerous thing about evil spirits is that they are masters of mimicry and manipulation. They can come through the board as a benevolent spirit or even the spirit of a loved one. Soon, they have gained your trust and the tables turn to messages that are more sinister.

Once you have formally invited a spiritual entity to come into your home through the board, you cannot just shove it back into the box. Good or bad, you have opened your home to a spirit that will take permanent residence.

There are decades worth of eyewitness accounts that report a release of pure evil when they experimented with a Ouija board. These reports talk about psychic attacks and even spiritual possession. Before you and your friends open the seemingly harmless game—ask yourself if it is worth it.

Using A Ouija Board With An Experienced Psychic Medium

There are many psychic mediums who will not touch a Ouija board. The late Sylvia Browne and other famous mediums actually warn against its use for necromancy. If you are determined to give the board a try, do not do it without guidance from a trusted medium who has spiritual discernment.

  • Circle of Protection: The Parker Brothers Ouija “game” says nothing about protective prayers before using the board. Any qualified medium knows that necromancy sessions must always be done within a circle of protection. Before even touching the board, the medium will say a prayer or incantation that provides sacred protection against evil spirits.
  • Spiritual Discernment: A gifted psychic medium can intuit the difference between ghosts and spirits. He or she can also tell if something diabolic is posing as a benign spirit. With the “Goodbye” section of the board, the medium can prevent a spirit from entering the room and can permanently close the portal.

If you are working with a trusted medium who has experience with Ouija boards, you may get some valuable information from a loved one or your spiritual guide.

It is not recommended that you use any divination tool without proper psychic supervision and extreme caution. We are still taking baby steps when it comes to other spiritual dimensions.

In your quest for knowledge, be sure to keep yourself and your family safe.

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