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How To Start Your Own Tarot Reading Business

How To Start Your Own Tarot Reading Business HTML view Note

So you've dedicated yourself to learning the skill and craft of tarot-reading; you've acquired a loyal following and have even started earning a little money–now what? It's only natural you would consider turning your hard-earned time and talents into a profitable practice!

The demand for tarot readers certainly hasn't waned with time, and while the market may be a bit saturated these days, the good news is you'll likely find your own particular niche. While it's not uncommon for tarot readers to enjoy wide-reaching fame through phone, internet, and television promotion, this guide is intended to help you lay your initial foundation for a successful tarot reading business.

First and foremost, while it may seem unnecessarily redundant, it's important to ask yourself if you're ready to “go pro.” This means honestly evaluating your abilities, as well as your bedside manner with clients.

Mastering the art of tarot can feel exhilarating, and it's only natural to want to share your skills with the world, but there are many factors that go into a successful tarot reading. Vocabulary, personal presentation, pricing, and time management all play a key part in a tarot expert's operation, which must be perfected before any type of branding and promoting can begin.

Every professional tarot reader has a unique lingo, a particular way of clearly and concisely translating and conveying the meaning of a card spread to their client. This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of a tarot reader's profession, as it truly sets them apart from their contemporaries. Developing and perfecting your own tarot language will not only ensure that your message is delivered accurately, but in a way that establishes trust and enjoyment in the reading.

Next you will need to set your pricing. There really is no right or wrong answer in this regard, as every tarot reader must determine the value of his or her time and services. For example, a 30 minute tarot card reading can cost anywhere from $20 to $75!

Many tarot readers offer a sliding scale of fees, generally charging more for event bookings than individual readings, and certainly in regards to one hour vs a half hour. You may also want to run a special promotion when you're first advertising your services, which will attract new clients and let them experience your tarot reading skills at an introductory rate.

Websites are the best way to promote your tarot business and direct potential clients in the right direction, and there are a number of wonderful website hosts to help you get started. A simple online search will take you to the top rated website hosting platforms that offer a wide range of prices, templates, and helpful tools for independent business owners.

Here you can design your tarot “look,” introduce yourself, and provide a comprehensive listing of prices and services. You may also want to set up a special social media page to further advertise your business and directly connect with followers.

If you live in a community where it's permissible to post flyers, by all means hit up your local bookstores, cafes, and relevant businesses! A tarot reader is just like any business owner; your strongest clientele will likely be your closest.

At this point you may be wondering where to hold your readings, and this is an extremely important decision to make. It may not be possible to rent a separate space for your services, but you should consider whether or not you wish to invite outsiders into your home for scheduled appointments. (Acquaintances exempted, of course.)

Many tarot professionals provide their services solely over the phone or through online chats, and will only provide in-person readings in a safe and public setting or with whom they have an established relationship. It's really up to you how you wish to pursue this course of action.

If you intend to work primarily within your community and more or less know who your client base is, it may be perfectly safe to host readings in your home. Many businesses may also be open to allowing you to set up a time and space to give your readings, usually in exchange for cross-promotion and the prospect of new customers.

When starting your tarot business simplicity is key. We all want to start big when we embark on a new endeavor, but it pays to begin slowly and at a pace that won't overwhelm you.

Your first few months may be disappointingly slow or absolutely bonkers, and unfortunately there's no way to really gauge your customer flow. For this reason–and for the sake of your sanity!–try to set regular office hours for yourself and stick to them.

Last but far from least, if you're really serious about turning your tarot skills into a profitable business you will need to file the appropriate NAICS code for tax purposes.

Even categorized “side” businesses are required to do this, and there are a number of advisers available to help you determine the nitty-gritty details of record keeping, possible tax exemptions, and how best to register your business. If you prefer not to go this route then it's highly recommended that you do some homework beforehand to avoid any unpleasant IRS reg flags down the line.

Starting your own professional tarot reading business can be a truly rewarding experience, and also provide some much-needed extra income. By taking a few simple but necessary steps ahead of time you can lay the groundwork for a reputable and long-lasting endeavor.

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