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Psychics Live Review

Written by Jennifer Young. Updated On Monday, June 5, 2023

Notice: As of January 01, 2013, Psychics Live officially went out of business. This online psychic service is no longer available for business. This review is obsolete.

Are you interested in the psychic world? Or in tarot readings, dream analysis and numerology? At Psychics Live, the dedicated team can provide you with live psychic feedback at any time of the day. Arrange a meeting with your favorite psychic or just pick one who is available now.

There is always at least one psychic available on the Psychics Live networks. Just pick one to answer your questions or e-mail your favorite. Although the program can be somewhat expensive, new users get 100% bonus credits. New users can chat for free or choose to have a paid reading.

With a money back guarantee, this company is better than most. If you do not like the psychic reading, you can contact the customer service hotline and get help. It is also convenient that the Psychic Live program offers a 100% secure online payment system. You do not have to worry about the safety of your money while you seek psychic advice. The credits can be purchased once you register for the program. Ten credits cost $1 and new users get bonus credits.

Some of the cheaper psychics on the website only charge 20 credits a minute. Since each psychic sets their own rate, the cost per minute can vary. The top tier of psychics at Psychic Live charge 60 credits per minute.

The Psychic Live network is rather well set-up. Users can pick whether they want I-Ching, Crystals, Astrology or Tarot readings. It also comes with Runes, Pendulum, Oracle cards and Numerology options. Just check the psychic’s profile to see what skills they are able to do. Some are skilled as clairvoyance while others work as dream analysts or mediums. Select from options like channeling, automatic writing, geomancy, scrying or medium as you get started. Whatever the case may be, this program has an impressively extensive number of psychics represented.

Overall, Psychics Live offers very genuine, easy to understand readings. Its cam-to-cam readings are always done completely live so that users can watch the psychic as the reading is performed. With over 80 highly skilled psychics on their staff, Psychics Live offers an impressive array of experts.

I would say that the best part of the program is the cam-to-cam option. This allows users to connect personally with the psychic. If they are not sure if they want to pay for a reading from the psychic, they can enter a chat room and meet with the psychic for free. Users can ask the psychic questions about their beliefs or how the reading will operate to see if this is the right psychic for them. As a whole, this process makes the environment more friendly and open. Users can connect better with each other and the psychics while using this site.

After the reading is complete, Psychic Live sends a recording of it to the user for review. This way, you can remind yourself of the advice at a later date. It helps the user to get the best out of their experience and receive the highest quality of reading each time they visit the site.


Compared to many similar programs on the market, Psychic Live offers a consistent, high quality product. All psychics are prescreened to ensure of their talent and the recorded readings mean that you can get customer service help if the experience was not the best. Unlike other websites with psychic readings, Psychic Live does not offer any sort of free horoscope or instant readings options.

The biggest issue with the website is finding the psychic you want at the correct hours. Since they set their own schedule, it can be difficult to get your free time to match up with theirs. Your favorite psychic may not be available when you need them, although you can always e-mail them to find out when they will be on-line. Other programs have better ways to work around this issue. One of their competitors offers e-mail readings while a different competitor has a 24-hour reading service that is reachable by telephone.

Psychic Live offers a great program for the price. Compared to other programs on the market, it comes out ahead in terms of the skill of its psychics, range of reading options and cost. For anyone seeking a psychic reading, this is the place to go.

Psychics Live Final Score: 3/5

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