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Live Person Psychics Review

Written by Jennifer Young. Updated On Monday, June 5, 2023

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Note: Live Person Psychics has been transitioned to Kasamba Psychics.

The search for a legitimate online psychic reading is not always easy, particularly when trying to avoid the use of phone minutes. Live Person offers a solution to the problem of finding a psychic by putting several psychics in the same place. Since it's founding in 1995, Live Person has been providing high quality psychic services.

The Chat Services

Live Person uses both the traditional phone service for psychic readings as well as a chat feature.

The chat services has one particular downside that might impact some individuals. Since it is charged by the minutes, those who are slow at typing will find that they might have higher bills than expected for the amount of service provided. Those who are fast at typing will usually find that the bill is reasonable based on the amount of information provided in the chat. This can easily be avoided, however, by using their telephone psychic reading system.

Another downside with a chat is that the connection is harder to make. Again, this can be solved with a live telephone reading. A live reading or a reading over the phone usually offers a better connection between the psychic and the individual. Chatting via a computer often takes a little more time to establish a real connection and might require answering a few questions before it is possible to start a real reading.

Despite the fact that the chat service does have a few potential downsides, particularly for those who are slow at typing, it is useful when trying to maintain more anonymity or when trying to avoid the use of a phone service.

Screening and Testing

Live Person has a strict screening process to determine the legitimacy of psychic gifts. In fact, Live Person is not accepting new psychics and only allows those who have been with the site to maintain their status as psychic advisers.

While the vast majority of the professionals claim to have psychic gifts, it is best to take time to read the profiles, customer reviews (their are literally thousands!) and information relating to how long the individual has been a member before actually starting a chat with the professional.

Free Three Minutes

Despite the fact that the website does not have a strict screening process, it is possible to make a connection and determine the legitimacy of a psychic before paying a single penny for the services. Live Person offers three free minutes to get to know the psychic and obtain a connection before paying for any services.

The free minutes are ideal for those who worry about getting a connection via a chat format or the legitimacy of the psychic involved in the process. Those who feel that the individual is simply wasting time or does not have a true psychic gift can disconnect the chat before it ends up with a relatively high bill.

Customer Services

The customer service at Live Person is great. In general, the website is designed to help connect customers to a psychic. As a result, the customer service primarily works through mediation and expects the psychic and customer to work out the problem until the client is satisfied.

When a client is not happy with the services, they must talk to the psychic about the situation. The psychic can either refund part of the money, refund the full amount or provide services at a lower rate in the future to solve the problem with the client. The mediator of customer service simply helps by acting as a middle man during the process.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Live Person is best suited to men and women who prefer a chat interface and are willing to look into the psychics before getting a reading. It is not the best service for everyone and some customers will want to look for a more well-rounded service that allows phone calls or video chat as well as the basic chat room interface for a better connection.

Live Person Psychics Final Score: 5/5

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