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LifeReader Psychics Review

Written by Jennifer Young. Updated On Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Every life story deserves a happy ending. LifeReader was established in 2009 with one overriding goal: to provide psychic seekers with reliable and compassionate online psychic reading insights as the chapters of their lives unfold.

To fulfill that goal, it's important to hire highly qualified and intuitive psychics who can provide new and insightful perspectives on romance, finances, careers, and other important life decisions. And indeed, LifeReader appears committed to bringing together the best psychics in the world – including clairvoyants, astrologists, tarot readers and others – who possess a burning desire to ethically help others through their top-rated psychic abilities.

LifeReader's process is quite rigorous. They conduct stringent background checks and require psychics to hold prior psychic reading experience and be specialists in their field (whether the field is tarot card readings, astrology and horoscopes, or other categories). Once an application is submitted, the would-be psychic is invited to conduct a test reading with at least one of LifeReader's highly skilled assessors. Only after a candidate passes through this stringent quality assurance process will he or she be permitted to guide LifeReader's clients through trying moments.

At first glance, the network offers the traditional menu of psychic readings: psychic clairvoyants, tarot card readers, astrology horoscope readers, gifted and professional love and relationship psychics, and advisors who specialize in mind, body & spirit readings. At any given time, clients can anticipate that 50 or more online readers are available in each category.

But explore a little further and a whole range of reading opportunities open up. Under each category is a click-on box entitled “skills”. It is not really accurately labeled; the sub-menu that is displayed upon clicking highlights not skills but rather, sub-specialties. By any criteria, there are an impressive number of them to select from.

Take, for, crystal healing…and that's just a small sampling. For example, LifeReader's most unique category – Mind Body Spirit. Here, clients can opt for reiki healing, aura readings, feng shui advice, diet advice, fertility readings, animal communication. Prefer to select an astrology & horoscope reader? Sub-specialties encompass Indian, Karmic, Classical or Vedic astrology as well as numerology and natal chart readings. Tarot card readings range from Lenormand to Osho-Zen Cards with several other tarot card options included. Chances are excellent that clients will find exactly what they're seeking. And so on.

Many of the psychics specialize in more than one category or sub-category, so it is not unusual to view the same psychic bio and photo in many different areas. LifeReader psychics provide ample information for clients to choose wisely: areas of expertise, star rating, number of readings conducted, number of reviews, a headshot, and an “about me” statement. Although the onus is on the client to evaluate psychics and compare, the little bit of time investment up front can reap big rewards by leading to a true connection.

Once a psychic is chosen, it's easy to get started. All chats start absolutely free of charge for 3 minutes. Choose the psychic, click the call button, and the phone will ring. Or, for an online or text chat, choose the psychic, click the chat button and start texting. A third option is to use LifeMail, the LifeReader intramail. Whatever option is selected, there is a very attractive special rate of just 19 cents a minute (following the 3 free minutes). That's less than $2 for a first potentially life-changing 12-minute reading – certainly a great deal.

For those who want to continue their psychic journey with additional readings, it's reassuring to know that the psychic's current availability and price per minute is clearly noted beneath the headshot. Typical prices range from $4.99 to $6.99 per minute, which is competitive with other psychic networks.

There's also an opportunity to delve deeper into psychic possibilities. A free daily, weekly, and long-range horoscope feature allows anyone with an Internet browser to explore the powerful influential that celestial bodies have and also check out astrological love compatibility with a love interest. To our knowledge, no other site offers a Free Love Test and a Free Love Tarot, which provide quick and instructive answers without costing a penny.

Many clients like to search through the many article categories, ranging from angels to past lives to soul connections and spiritual healings. Anyone interested in the subject could easily spend an entire weekend going through LifeReader's comprehensive library of articles and becoming more versed in the psychic universe.

One troublesome issue is that LifeReader's satisfaction guarantee is not readily apparent. It's buried under Terms & Conditions. The client must submit a refund request by email within 72 hours of the reading and there are several conditions attached. We suspect that within time, LifeReader will become more competitive in this regard.

Clearly, LifeReader needs to update its website and clearly state its satisfaction policy. With so much going for it – an expansive list of categories, hand-picked psychics and a strong introductory offer – this psychic network has the potential of becoming a strong contender.

LifeReader Psychics Final Score: 4/5

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