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Keen Psychic Review

Written by Jennifer Young. Updated On Monday, February 6, 2023

One of the largest online psychic networks, Keen Psychics has been in business since 1999 and offers numerous psychic services. Clients can obtain readings via chat, e-mail or telephone. Keen provides a toll-free number for phone readings. Clients can also go online and click the “call now” button on a psychic’s Keen listing to connect with the psychic. The network offers a free online daily horoscope as well as free online articles about psychic matters. In addition, Keen gives 3 free minutes toward a reading to new customers when they provide their credit card information and purchase additional minutes.

Keen’s large size means they employ a large array of psychics. Clients can choose from astrologers, clairaudients, clairvoyants, empaths, mediums, numerologists, pet psychics, Tarot readers and many other kinds of readers. The site offers multiple types of readings as well as multiple types of readers. Clients can select dream interpretation, love and relationship advice, spiritual guidance, psychic or astrological predictions and insights on life questions. Keen’s many advisors allows the network to offer readings 24/7, so the site’s visitors can consult a psychic at any time. If the psychic reader a client wants is unavailable at a particular moment, the client can schedule a call back appointment.

Prices for Keen readings vary because the psychic advisors set their own fees. While many advisors charge $1.99 to $4.99 per minute, some charge $9.99 per minute or more. A few readers charge less than $1.99 per minute, however, so it pays to scan the psychic listings to find lower rates. To determine which of the many Keen spiritual counselors to try, customers can read the advisor profiles. These profiles detail the psychic’s background, list any credentials the reader may have and list the divinatory tools and type of reading in which the reader specializes. Profiles also feature ratings and comments from previous Keen clients that indicate the clients’ satisfaction with their experience.

Keen encourages its customers to leave detailed feedback on the network's psychics. Since Keen doesn't screen psychic advisors before allowing them to register on the site, the customer feedback system serves as a screening mechanism for customers trying to determine which advisor to use. Customers rate advisors with one to five stars, with five stars being the highest rating. They can also comment on the accuracy or inaccuracy of their reading. In addition, some advisors have blogs on the Keen web site, and these blogs allow customers to get a feel for an advisor’s energy before contacting the advisor for a reading. Some psychics offer recorded advice for a fee, too. Clients can listen to a recording and determine if they want to schedule a personal reading with the advisor who recorded it.

Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee on all psychic readings. If a customer finds an experience with a Keen psychic advisor unsatisfactory, the customer can report the encounter and request a credit of up to $25 in Keen dollars to his or her member account. The client must submit a customer support request within 72 hours of the reading and include in the request all details of the disputed transaction such as the amount, date and time. In addition, the client must give the psychic a one-star rating and provide written feedback on the psychic advisor’s feedback page detailing the unsatisfactory aspects of the reading. Since the satisfaction guarantee offers a maximum refund of $25, clients should end unsatisfactory readings early to avoid incurring more charges than the $25 they can recoup from Keen.

Keen’s many reading options, easy to use interface and wide selection of psychics make it easy for callers to develop long-term relationships with their favorite advisors. One of the most successful psychic service providers, Keen Psychics has something to offer everyone seeking psychic advice and spiritual guidance. Their feedback system and satisfaction guarantee indicate their commitment to providing their customers with a positive experience with the service. Keen Psychics is also committed to preserving their clients’ privacy. When they connect a client to a psychic reader, the client’s identity is never revealed.

Keen Psychics Final Score: 5/5

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