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Hollywood Psychics Review

Written by Jennifer Young. Updated On Monday, June 5, 2023

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Finding quality psychic readings can be a difficult task, especially phone readings. Hollywood Psychics offers several options for readings: email, chat and phone. The prices are great for new customers: only $.50 per minute and satisfaction is guaranteed! You can't find a better deal anywhere else!

Hollywood Psychics has been in business for approximately two years. For this reason they do not have any high profile, well-known, celebrity psychics. However, they do a lengthy screening process for new psychics that includes rigorous interviews and readings with current psychics.

The process is not as selective as some of the really pricey sites, but it renders a good selection of well-qualified psychics to choose from for readings. Each psychic is listed on the website with a star rating and lists of specialties, gifts and tools. Each of the phone psychics also notes their style, such as compassionate, wise or expressive.

A new user can get a good idea about a psychic by looking at the customer reviews which produce the psychics star rating. Hollywood Psychics offers a vast selection of psychics with four star ratings or better by thousands of satisfied customers. The specialty areas for the psychics include family and friends, mind-body-spirit, sex and relationships and work and money categories.

Tools the psychics at Hollywood Psychics may use include Angel Cards, Astrology Crystal Readings, Dream Interpretation, Lost Objects, Numerology Readings, Tarot Card Readings and Spirit Guides. Some of the psychics use no tools at all for readings.

The gifts the psychics possess range from clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, empath, medium and pet psychic. Hollywood Psychics offer services in both English and Spanish as psychics are available.

With a vast selection of psychics available with varying gifts and styles, new customers can easily find the right psychic. If this is a completely new experience for a customer, Hollywood Psychics offers information on their website about what to expect and how to prepare for a reading.

Hollywood Psychics also offer tips on how to select the right psychic to meet the customer's needs. Hollywood Psychics can meet the needs of most clients whether they are looking to get a few questions answered or are seeking a more long-term relationship.

The price is unbeatable when compared to other sites. A five minute phone call can get three or four questions answered and costs significantly less than other sites (at $.50 per minute, that is only $2.50 for a 5 minute call!).

To build a new customers confidence in using the site, they do offer a free email reading. A new customer would set up a free account on the website and email a question to a psychic who will respond within 48 hours. If patrons like what they see it is simple to continue using the service and the fees are not surprising later. The service is always pre-paid.

Hollywood Psychics has a great deal of information available about the psychics on their site. Not only can a customer check out reviews of the psychic, but he can also view a brief profile and listen to a soundbite from the psychic.

Each psychic lists typical hours of availability. If a psychic is not available, a customer can elect to receive notification when the psychic is available for readings. The entire site is designed to be easy to navigate and use by all customers, and to put each customer in touch with the right psychic as conveniently as possible.

A great feature Hollywood Psychics offers is a satisfaction guarantee. The site allows the customer to end a reading at any time for any reason. A customer can also contact the customer service department to express the lack of satisfaction with the services provided. Hollywood Psychics may then refund the money spent or give the time back to the customer's account to use with another psychic.

A consistent opinion of customers leaving reviews of Hollywood Psychics is the amazing customer service received at Hollywood Psychics. This is something that is not common with other sites and is likely one of Hollywood Psychics biggest selling points to new customers.

Hollywood Psychics Final Score: 5/5

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