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What Does Your Aura Say About You?

An aura is an energy field that is often called the window to the soul. Every living things has an aura that radiates from the chakras and cells, called energy centers. Vibrations produced by this energy manifest through colors. The color, size and shape of an aura can reveal many details about a person's thoughts, spiritual health, personality and disposition.

A red aura, for example, often reflects aspects of love and sexuality. It may also signify anger, fire or heat. Red may also stand for a materialistically-oriented person or one who has a strong drive to succeed. The color also often signifies an unbalance between sexuality and love.

Orange is often a beautiful aura color. A mix of red and yellow, this bright shade indicates and uplifting and absorbing spirit. The color may also be a sign of power and a desire or ability to control others. When an orange aura glows strongly, it may create a halo that signifies a spiritual teacher. The color also indicates regeneration and creativity, and a person with an orange aura may be a gifted healer. Other positive traits associated with an orange aura include consciousness, consideration and awareness. Negative characteristics associated with the color include destructive behaviors, laziness, repression and an aggressive nature.

If a person exudes a yellow aura, it is usually a sign of inspired mental awareness. When the color is strongest in the aura's lower half, it signifies analytical thought. If the color is blended with gray, black or brown and appears muted or murky, the aura indicates someone who uses their mind for negative purposes. When yellow mixes with murky green, it may be a sign of jealousy and resentment. However, there are many positive characteristics associated with the sunny color. People with yellow auras may also be full of inner joy and make great spiritual teachers. The color also symbolizes non-attachment, the release of vital forces and generosity. A yellow halo surrounding the head signifies contentment and joy.

Green auras are a sign of balance and harmony. The earthy color also reflects the relationship between the spirit and the physical body. When green appears to be murky, the person may experience jealousy or exhibit selfish, possessive or manipulative behaviors. If the green in one's aura is strongest near the head, the color may indicate a longing for identity and individuality. It may also signify sympathy and compassion.

Blue is a highly spiritual color that signifies balance, sustaining life and the transmission of energy. Auras with blue strong points indicate a person who feels relaxed and able to survive in any situation. The presence of blue is usually positive, but the cool shade may also indicate feelings of melancholy and martyrdom.

Violet strongly indicates love but also signifies spirituality and a sense of selfless love. Teachers often have bright violet auras, as do people who have made a commitment to humanitarian causes or spirituality.

People with turquoise auras generally have highly energized personalities and are capable of influencing others. These people are often good organizers and can handle many tasks at once. They make great bosses, but they may also feel bored when they must focus on just one thing.

A pink aura is a mix of violet and red traits. The color represents an ideal balance between material existence and spiritual awareness. A pink aura is rare, and the color usually appears only as a fleeting thought instead of a strong point that dominates the aura.

Dirty colors that appear more like smoke instead of a glow include brown, sulfur and gray. These colors indicate negating spirituality, unsettling thoughts, depression, unclear intentions, anger, pain or distraction.

Black signifies that absence of all life. People with black auras may experience extreme negativity and live in a shadow. This color indicates a blockage in one's energy as a result of a lack of light.

A white aura usually indicates artificial stimulation, like drugs, or a serious disease. An aura that glows with monochromatic colors, like those described above, is harmonious. A white hour, in contrast, is noisier and lacks that harmony. This is usually because of extreme sickness or substance use. For example, people who are dying exhibit a white aura hours before death. The whiteness increases in intensity until the moment of death arrives and the person is enveloped in a bright white aura.

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