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What is Clairaudience?

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a psychic ability that is common, but I have found that a number of individuals seeking psychic guidance are not sure what it actually is. If you break the word down, it literally means clear hearing, so it basically means that someone who has this ability is able to see signs and communicate with the spirits using sounds, music, or voices that they hear.

These messages may come from your spirit guide, a loved one who is no longer in our realm, or even from your higher self. If you hear something that reminds you of a dear friend perhaps you should give them a call. Maybe you have a song stuck in your head about traveling; it could mean that you need to take a much-deserved vacation.

What are Some Ways that You can Receive Clairaudient Messages?

The messages can be subtle voices that you hear in your head. These voices will resemble what it sounds like when you are talking to yourself; but once you hear it a few times, you will be able to know when a spirit is attempting to communicate with you. On occasion, spirits use their own voices to communicate, which means that it will feel like you are having a conversation with an old friend.

Instead of hearing voices in your head, you may hear music or sounds that have meaning. These messages may need to be interpreted, but they often hold a deeper meaning. Occasionally, these sounds can be heard outside of your head as well. It’s something that others in the area will be able to hear as well, but the source of the music or the sounds that are being heard are often unknown.

Signs that You Are Clairaudient

1. You often feel like you heard someone call your name, but when you turn around to see who it was, there is no one there. In fact, you may be able to see the person communicating with you as well. These imaginary friends can be a spirit guide or an angel, and they are often first heard or seen when you are a child.

2. Sometimes these messages can be received through a pet as well. You will not actually hear the animals talking to you, but you may get an intuitive feeling about something when you are near them.

3. You find that you talk to yourself on the regular. This is a sign that you communicate in your head a lot, which means that you may be hearing spirits. In fact, you may even prefer to listen to audiobooks because you can understand it better when you hear it.

4. You hear a lot of buzzing or ringing in your ears. This is simply because a clairaudient individual may be extra sensitive to sounds that they hear. It can also simply be an indication that your spirit guide is nearby. If you are sensitive to sounds, then you may also appreciate being alone. In fact, a lot of creative ideas come from these quiet times.

5. You love music. Music is a form of art that comes from the soul. If you are stressed about something in life, listening to your favorite music can help re-spark the fire in your soul that seems to be burning out. Some may even be inspired to write or play music as well. Music can also be a vehicle that a spirit uses to give you signs. Maybe something has been on your mind, and the first song that plays on the radio in your car addresses this concern.

How can I Develop My Clairaudience Ability?

If you have psychic hearing, then the messages will be there; you simply need to adjust your hearing so that you can get the subtle signs that the spirits are sending you. Think about it like this: when you hear a baby cry, you may have no idea why the little one is crying, but the baby’s mother will most likely know exactly what they need because she has developed a way to hear her child crying and differentiate what they are trying to tell her.

The same is true for the spirits that are attempting to communicate with you. If you are having difficulty with this concept, try tuning out the sounds that typically fill your home at night. What do you hear? You may hear the birds outside, the sound of the cars passing by, or even the hum of your air conditioner. These sounds are always there, but you just tune them out. If you can learn to stretch your hearing to hear these sounds, you will be able to focus on other messages as well.

Focusing is the key, so when you are listening to music, try to focus on a specific instrument the entire time instead of the hook of the song. You will be amazed how much of the song you have missed in the past. If these exercises are not helpful, then try to meditate to raise your psychic vibrations.

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