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What Is Automatic Writing?

Automatic Writing Basics

Most of us might have heard about automatic writing but may not comprehend it sufficiently and what it entails. To different people, automatic writing may refer to a different concept altogether. In this article, we shall show you what automatic writing is, what it entails and demonstrate how you as an individual can practice it too. According to, automatic writing refers to a none-scary but great way of channeling our spiritual guide or higher self through writing. Therefore, automatic writing allows us to download our perspective subconsciously while writing it simultaneously. You should take note that this is an automatic process that does not require your minds intervention, lest you distort the process.

How automatic writing is done

As a requirement for automatic writing, you need to identify a place to write. Grab writing materials including a pen and paper to start writing down your ideas as they “flow.” For those using computers, you need to open a word processor (preferably Microsoft Word) in readiness for the process. After that, type or write your question down on the paper or word processor. It is important to note that during this time, you are not consulting your mind. Rather, ideas flow freely and effortlessly, and you do not control. Utmost concentration is necessary for the process to be a success.

Typically, being in the automatic writing “mood” is believed to e equivalent to being in the “inflow” situation. Experienced writers are better placed to understand what is referred to as “inflow.” This relates to a state when an author receives many creative ideas and strange enough, the ideas fall into places and fit perfectly well without much intervention, and a writer transcribes them with ease. Often the feeling is exciting and enriching for the writer. At this time, the process seems effortless, and your mind is not laboring during the writing process.

An example

If you are an avid reader, it is possible that you may read a book titled Conversations with God . According to researchers, the book by Neale Donald Walsh was done as an expression of higher self. Those who have read the book are surprised by the progressiveness and insightfuly displayed by the writer. With the guidance of a higher self, the author talks about interesting subjects ranging from the world, life and our possible future. Apart from this, there are plenty other books written using Automatic Writing. From your experience, you may be able to recommend some books you believe fall into this category.

Why automatic writing?

It is believed that automatic writing could be undertaken by anyone at his/her own appointed time. However, below is a guide on situations when it can be done effectively;

  • When an individual has a great fear of spirits and may not be comfortable contacting his guides to understanding the subject better.
  • In situations when you are not able to see or hear spirit guides and you may want to try a new way of experiencing the same. It is possible and easy to engage in automatic writing if you work on your concentration and put your mind on one side before the writing starts. For many people with difficulties in “hearing” themselves, they can realize this by engaging in automatic writing.
  • Automatic writing will be instrumental if you want to get into a higher self-perspective in a situation where you have issues bothering you as an individual. Most people engage in automatic writing when they are disappointed by a particular situation and would need to raise their spirits. They would join their higher selves, and automatic writing would begin effortlessly. At such moments they write insightful things about the entire situation. This would help them get out the situation finally.
  • Automatic writing is practiced when an individual has questions that require spiritual intervention for insight; this would make things better. In most cases, some issues we are faced with in life do not have a definite answer or solution.

Tips on preparing your mind and successfully engage in automatic writing

  1. Automatic sessions start with “my higher self or spirit guide” as an opening line. Regarding the subject, you are at liberty to refer them (“my higher self or spirit guide” ) by either names or both. It is the writer's prerogative to make a decision and determine the most suitable way of referring to it. You clearly state whose input you want because it helps you connect easily with the particular being. If you don’t make the decision, it becomes hard for you to connect.
    At times, you may decide to connect with your guides to assist you to connect at whatever time you want to access to your higher self. However, if you do not recognize these entities (guides), the connection may be elusive, and you may not engage in automatic writing quickly.
    Alternatively, it is advised that you raise your vibration just before the typing/writing process begins. This includes taking a deep breath or visualizing yourself entering a room so as to meet your guide whereby they provide you with input during the automatic writing session.
  2. Begin the writing process without worrying what you are writing about. You could start by typing your question(s) on a word processor and start typing and wait to see what would follow when the fingers initiate the typing or writing process effortlessly. You do not have to intervene and try to control the output. Rather the process should be automatic, and you should let it be. Just write down anything that comes to your mind without really worrying what it is that you are writing about. It is, however, challenging to start writing when you are not ready mentally. You need to have enough experience before you can effortlessly condition yourself to begin the process. It is easier for experienced writers to get into the “flow” state compared to starters. It would take them a considerable amount of time to get into form.
  3. Setting a timer would be helpful for automatic writing. Timing is crucial in ensuring you don't have a chance to start thinking about and critic what you are writing on. As we had mentioned above, these process should just happen effortlessly. It will be easier if you get a set of questions that you want to consult your guides on. For example, if you are a blogger, it could help when you are writing an article or when your mind is not settled, and you are not thinking about serious issues. Setting a time limit helps direct your thoughts to a particular task, and you are better placed to focus your energy on automatic writing as a consequence.
  4. Develop the right conditions for yourself so that you can break all inhibiting factors when the automatic writing begins. Sometimes when doing the automatic writing and you read the information you have written down, you may wonder what people may think if they read your work. It, therefore, goes without saying that when you do automatic writing on a shared or borrowed resource (computer), you would feel constrained because you may be concerned about what others would think upon reading your piece of work and comments that may follow after that.
    It is advised that you do the writing while you are on your own and that the privacy of your writing is guaranteed. This is the reason why word processors are preferred over a pen and paper; you can hide your file or restrict access to your document in the computer unlike a piece of paper that can easily be traced.
    Some people prefer using a program called The Journal because it enables them set security on their work and it stores all details automatically. It is interesting to note that The Journal has a timer feature which allows you to a time when writing. For those in interested in trying it out, you can visit their website and access a 45-day trial and use it for the purpose of automatic writing before deciding to purchase it.
  5. When receiving the information, do not allow your mind to start interpreting it. It is advised that you first write the information as it “flows in” without an attempt to understand it since the attempt would distort the entire process. The interpretation phase would come after the writing period is entirely complete. However, it should be recognized that it is the duty of the mind to judge information as it flows in and out of it as you write.

The subconscious would ask questions about the content you are writing and more particularly if the information is “highly accurate.” Experienced automatic writers would tell you that the worries expressed by the mind during those times are unwarranted and would not helpful at the moment. In fact, they only serve to distort the free flow information to enable you to complete your writing in an organized manner.

Traditionally, the mind is conditioned to react to past experiences and is aimed at keeping you secure and safe at any point in time. Therefore, you should clearly know the role played by the mind during the writing process but you should be careful not to allow the mind to interrupt the process that does not require its intervention. It is only by taming the mind and controlling it that automatic writing is considered free and effortless.

How to determine of you are under spiritual guidance

Many experienced automatic writers would tell you that channeled information are vibrations in nature. During this process, as a writer, you will feel comforted especially if you are experiencing any form difficulties; provide clarity if you are facing any form of uncertainty or better still it helps in raising your mood. However, there are times the process feels heavy or negative. It is believed that during this period, you could be channeling and possibly connecting to a wrong being (unintended source) and probably directing your body.

Whatever you channel during this process would be unlike your voice. You together with your readers may not understand how you did it. The voice often sounds different from what you and others are used to. Intuitively guided writing often seems clear, often feels light and effortlessly expressed. This writing is usually metaphorical and poetic in nature. However, don't get worried on how your writing should sound like. Once you start writing frequently, you will understand what it entails and practice it without intervention.

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