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What Is A Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings are stereotypically represented as gypsies with crystal balls at town fairs, but there is actually a lot more to psychic readings than that. In fact, there are several different types of psychic readings, some of which don't even require psychic ability. While there is no scientific proof substantiating the claims made by psychics, it has not deterred individuals from enthusiastically seeking their services. In fact, many people rely on psychic readings and value the advice and divinations provided by these individuals.

One type of psychic reading stems from astrology. This is a form of psychic reading that does not require psychic ability. Instead, psychics and astrologers rely on the placement of the moon, planets and stars during a person's time of birth in order to characterize their personality and create a horoscope. Some psychics claim to be able to provide general indications of what the future holds based on where the celestial bodies will be located during that time.

Aura reading is another common form of psychic readings. Psychics who claim to be able to read someone's aura observe and interpret the radiation supposedly surrounded a person. To some, an aura looks like a luminous force field, which they believe is created by bioelectromagnetic fields.

It is very common for a psychic to utilize Tarot cards. This type of psychic reading is called cartomancy. While Tarot cards don't require psychic ability in order to use them, many psychics use them in conjunction with their psychic abilities. They believe these cards enable them to see different things in a person's life.

Cleromancy involves casting small objects and then reading them by their position and the pieces proximity to one another. This is quite similar to lithomancy, which involves casting suitable gems or stones. It is unknown when and where this practice originated, but it is used throughout the world in various cultures. It is frequently used by clerics in small villages in undeveloped countries and is believed by many tribes to be an accurate and reliable form of divination. The objects can often times vary in material; some psychics use bones, stones, gems, shells, and other objects suitable to their craft.

Crystallomancy is perhaps the most stereotypical example of psychic readings. Crystallomancy involves a quartz as a crystal ball. Psychics who use this type of method call upon the crystal ball to tell them information about the person being read. Depending on the psychic and his or her abilities, the crystal ball can provide a window into both the present and future.

Another common form of psychic readings can be found in a palm reading. A palm reading, like some of the other forms of psychic readings, does not require psychic ability. The future is read from the client's hand, through the lines, shapes and wrinkles of the palm. This type of psychic reading is usually available at most carnivals, bizarres and fairs, though there are countless businesses set up across the country dedicated to the craft. People generally rely upon this method to learn how many children they are destined to have and whether or not they will lead a successful life.

Psychometry is a psychic reading that requires personal objects from the person being read. By touching these possessions, the psychic is able to obtain details of that person. Usually, it has to be an object that holds a significant amount of importance, such as a wedding ring or photograph. However, many psychics also claim to be able to do psychic readings of those who have passed away by touching personal objects that belonged to the deceased.

There are a number of different ways to obtain a psychic reading. In fact, it isn't even necessary to go to a psychic in person. Some psychics claim to be able to do distant readings, where the person is on the phone or writing to them through letters. The latest innovation in the psychic world is the use of video chatting to perform readings. However, some claim that being face to face with a psychic is the best way to get an accurate reading because of the personal connection that is created. It isn't uncommon for word of mouth to be the best way to learn of reliable psychics.

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