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Ways To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Developing any skill requires knowing what to practice and how to do it effectively. Many people have abilities that are thought of as natural, but they remain undeveloped if they are not nurtured. Few musicians are able to play a symphony without learning the layout of keys on a piano or a wind instrument. Professional football players start each season with hours of practice to maximize the effectiveness of their skills on the field.

Your psychic abilities are like the special gifts that musicians or athletes have, and you can develop them through the right kind of practice. A musician who runs laps around a football field does nothing to enhance his or her talent, and a football player who practices finger scales is doing the wrong exercise. Vince Lombardi reminded his players that practice is not what makes perfect. Instead, it is perfect practice that makes the difference. Knowing what to practice is a key to getting better at any skill.

Slow Your Pace

As you endeavor to develop your psychic abilities, you can learn from the effective practices of others. One of the most important skills of successful psychics is the ability to find comfort in silence. When you clear your mind of noises that fill most of your waking hours, you can access brain waves that are associated with psychic activity. Finding a way to slow your pace is a good place to start.

Practice Meditation

Find a quiet place where you can spend 15 minutes everyday without interruption. You may want to use a guided mediation if you are unfamiliar with the practice. In meditation, you learn to imagine and visualize. Sit quietly while you meditate, and let your mind wander without direction. You can reach into an inner source of knowledge that may surprise you. Imagination and visualization are refined skills that you hope to achieve as you develop your psychic skills. You can access them most successfully in a quiet and meditative state. Practice envisioning the smallest detail of any picture that comes into your mind. As you learn how to meditate, you relax and let your subconscious thoughts rule your mind. Mind control is contrary to the practice of meditation and to letting your psychic abilities have full sway.

Learn to See and Listen

Stillness can contribute significantly to your ability to listen and to see things around you in clear detail. As you expand your ability to understand that you are more than just a physical body, you also expand your awareness. Pay attention to everything that happens in your life as it happens. Embrace the messages that you get from your body as well as from your mind and your emotions. Carl Jung, the noted Swiss psychotherapist, theorized that coincidences are connected in ways that have meanings. Take note of events that occur to you, and explore the possibility that they are connected in some way. Listening and seeing in a way that expands your psychic abilities can occur when you give them a chance to occupy your full attention.

Keep a Journal

Your mind may surprise you with the amount of information that it can deliver to you through your pen or pencil. Your computer requires you to focus on the mechanical aspect of typing instead of letting your ideas flow onto paper, so it is not the way to write a journal. You may want to get a nicely bound journal book with unlined pages of white paper. You have freedom to write the thoughts that come to you when you do not focus on staying on the lines. Establish a routine of writing in your journal at the same time every day until you can make it a habit. Repeating a procedure for about 21 days usually turns it into something that you do automatically. Write without trying to follow the rules that your English teacher recommended, and write everything that comes into your mind. Describe what you are learning in your efforts to expand your psychic abilities and the amazing revelations that you experience. Ask questions of your spirit guides and expect an answer.

Try an Unusual Approach

As a way to access an area of your mind that may have escaped your attention, consider using some techniques that can reveal enlightening information. One proven technique is to keep your journal by your bedside so that you can record your dreams while you can recall them. The details that offer insights to your thoughts often fade with the light of day, so capture them for review later. Another technique that you can try lets you access the opposite side of your brain by writing with your less dominant hand. What you find may surprise you as much as any other venture into the unknown. Expect to turn up something important that has never occurred to you.

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