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Common Meanings & Symbols Found In Tea Leaf Readings

Fortune telling allows people to have a better understanding of themselves. While there are various forms of fortune telling, reading tea leaves is an ancient form of fortune telling. Also known as tasseography, tea leaf reading involves interpreting the pattern of tea leaves in a cup.

The pattern of the leaves left in the cup the after drinking is used to determine a person’s future. People who have an understanding of the process and the patterns of the leaves can even read the leaves themselves.

If you are new to tea leaf reading, here is a guide to the symbols and meanings of leaf patterns.

Significance of Tea Leaf Placement

The position of the leaves in the cup also has meaning. If the leaves are closer to the handle, it means the events the leaves predict will occur to the subject of the reading. Leaves that end up away from the handle signify events that will happen to a friend or family member. Generally, leaves that are closer to the rim are god. Leaves closer to the bottom may mean disappointment.

The Four Types of Patterns

Tea leaf symbols are put into four categories. These categories are people, nature,animals and objects. People includes people or body parts. The images in the bottom of the cup is said to be a reflection of the role you, or someone else, plays in your life. The symbol can represent short-term or long-term influences in your life.

Nature patterns deal with how outside, natural forces influence us. Since nature is uncontrollable, these patterns can serve as a warming of impending danger or good luck. They mainly represent the setting on which you base your life.

Animals are another type of tea leaf pattern. It is often said that animals are representative of our helpers here on Earth. The animals seen during a tea leaf reading represents your fears, dreams and hopes. They also show your personal qualities or reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings about yourself.

Objects are the fourth type of tea leaf pattern. Objects are any physical thing invented by man. When an object appears, it shows you what you are doing with your life. They are a reflection of what you are generating or creating. The objects may represent something positive. They can also represent something negative in your life.

Common Tea Leaf Reading Patterns

Different types of tea leaf patterns have different meanings. Here are some of the common patterns that are found at the bottom of tea cups. It should be noted that some of the patterns have various meanings.


In the nature category, the appearance of this symbol means good luck or good news. Considered a health symbol, it is believed that seeing an acorn is a sign of improving health. Some people also interpret this symbol as an increase in wealth or power.


The apple is another positive symbol. It usually means that you will be successful in business ventures and school, or live a long life. It also represents fortune and happiness.


The butterfly is a symbol of fickleness.It may mean that you are someone close to you is fickle about a situation in your life. If the butterfly is surrounded by dots it means you are quick to lose money.


Grass is indicative of prosperity and means that you will receive a level of public recognition for your efforts. If you are an artist, you may achieve distinction for your work.


Seeing an ape is not a bad thing, but it is a sign of caution or warning. It may mean that you are surrounded by someone who has ill-intentions towards you. Some tea leaf readers may interpret this symbol to signal depression and fraud.


If a letter is found in your cup it can signal two things. They can reflect someone that has or will have some form of influence in your life. A letter can also be a clue to a location.


Anchors are another pattern that can have more than one interpretation. They are a symbol of luck or stability. Generally, this symbol is interpreted to reflect the circumstances surrounding a person’s business or love life. If the anchor appears clouded, it represents bad luck in business and an unstable relationship.


Aircrafts can have multiple interpretations. If the aircraft appears to be flying, it means bad news. It may also reflect a decrease chance of success in your life, unless you change certain situations. If the aircraft is flying it means surprise trip or unexpected news.

Tea leaf reading is an ancient way of predicting the future and is not a widely-used for of fortune telling. It is used to predict your future or the future of someone close to you. Every pattern has a deeper meaning. However, some of the patterns can have more than one interpretation. If you are interested in finding out more about your psyche and future, consider having a tea leaf reading.

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