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Spiritual Enhancement Through Music

Spiritual Enhancement Through Music

Music has always had a very recognizable effect on people. As a fan of a wide variety of musical types, I find that the mere sound of certain types of music can make me more productive, make me feel happier, and also energize me throughout my day. As a person who can also see the auras of those around me, I’ve directly observed how certain music directly can have a visible effect (visible through the pineal eye) on a person’s aura.

What types of music have the most effect on our spiritual selves? Well, to be honest, I find that just about every type of music can affect us spiritually. In my experience, musical tones directly interface with our spiritual selves and the right type of music can serve as a panacea for just about any spiritual ailment. I even think that prolonged musical listening can quickly de-cloud dark or shrouded auras.

Look at it this way: have you ever tried to watch a film without musical accompaniment? It would sound strange, right? I know that our home videos and maybe even some rare documentaries can work well without a backing track, but when you start to have a narrative, a musical score is almost required. This is because music can ground us and bring about certain emotions that can help us empathize, become more excited, or even feel the loss of the characters that we are observing on-screen.

Have you ever played a song that made you feel nostalgic? This is because some music can serve as a part of a larger soundtrack of our lives. This is because music carries spiritual energies and the creative aura of the musician carries through to our own auras. That connection can help us bind us more easily to the greater universe at large. If the composer was feeling down when he or she created a song of sadness, we, in turn, will start to feel that sadness in his or her composition.

If the song is instead suffused with excitement and energy, we will then feel energized when we hear it. For this reason, many of us, myself included, prefer to have a more jaunty song playing when we workout because of this reason. With that said, make sure that you aren’t bringing in negative energies when you are listening to music. Sometimes, in some genres, there is a lot of negative psychic energy embedding in the associated music. This can be rage, pain, or deep depression. While these can be fun to listen to from time to time, too much of these types of songs can lead to negative life effects.

Also, in my experience, when you have a musician who is able to attune themselves to the spiritual realm, you find that the music is more spiritually uplifting. In fact, this is some of the best music to connect with the spiritual realm. Typically, I use this music to meditate because it seems to be a great way to enhance my own psychic abilities. If you’d like to try this, here is what you can do:

  • Pick a selection of music that comes from spiritual people. I find that Spotify has a good selection in their spiritual health music academy selection. While this doesn’t always work, if you “vet” some of the choices before you begin your meditation, you can have some truly great sessions.
  • Try your best to omit all other sound in your immediate environment. This means that you should put your cell phone on silent, turn off the television, and find your innermost room so that outside noise can’t impinge on your music.
  • During your meditation, if your spiritual music has lyrics, try to “phase them out” and instead try to hear the actual emotion behind the track. For some reason, this makes me feel a deeper affinity with the composer of the piece that I am listening to.

In addition to these meditative steps, I also love to use music as a spiritual enhancement in other situations as well. I find that it’s a great way to ground yourself so that you can see the larger picture, especially when the stress is starting to accumulate. When you are having a tougher day at work, use a song that you feel a connection with to bring you back to a more centered state. This should be soothing and it can help you face whatever other stresses are coming throughout your day.

I feel that music can be an excellent aura cleaner; use it to help find your spiritual roots and any negative emotions will wash away.

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