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What is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides are incorporeal beings who lack a physical presence, but whose positive energy surrounds and supports you. Throughout your life, they work to keep you connected to your higher self and they nudge and guide you in the direction that will fulfill your soul's higher purpose. Additionally, spirit guides will often intervene in your earthly life in ways that help you accomplish the practical goals of your human existence. Most people have one primary spirit guide from birth, with anywhere from four to seven guides eventually joining your inner circle as you grow into adulthood and require support in new areas of your life.

Types Of Spirit Guides

There are several types of spirit guides, and you likely have a combination of them supporting you at different periods in life:

Ascended Masters, also known as Master Teachers, are spirit guides who once had human bodies but have now ascended to higher planes of existence. These guides are very wise and are usually working on behalf of many people at once, or on behalf of humanity as a whole.

Ancestral Guides are guides who have some familial relation to you. They may be an ancestor who died centuries before you were born, or a more recent family member who passed on when you were a child.

Teacher Guides are symbolic of some particular part of your life, or of a particular goal you are trying to reach. These guides have expertise in their areas and are often there to help you learn a specific lesson or solve a problem.

Your spirit guides are on a higher plane and can see all aspects of your life, both spiritual and practical. The work they do is entirely about honoring the goals you set for your soul before you incarnated and about the earthly goals you have now set out to accomplish. Spirit guides will never guide you onto a path for their own purposes. Rather, they honor your free will and benevolently serve you. If you are experiencing negative energy in your life, that is not the work of your spirit guides.

Spirit guides are always near, even if you do not perceive them. If you want to communicate more openly with them, set that intention in your mind and your spirit guides will see it. Most often, they will respond to you through an intuitive vehicle that they know you will pick up on. For example, if you are a visual person, your spirit guides may use clairvoyance to pop an image or word into your mind's eye that will be meaningful to you. Likewise, if you are a music lover, they may use clairaudience and you will find the lines of a certain song are stuck in your head.

Opening Communication With Your Spirit Guide

No matter how your spirit guides communicate with you, it is important to pay attention to any intuitive messages or gut feelings you are receiving. These are clues designed to keep you on the right path and help you accomplish your goals. If you'd like to work on opening clearer lines of communication with your spirit guides, there are several methods to try:

Meditation – Sit down in the most peaceful room in your home, and close your eyes and imagine your spirit guides are sitting there with you. Meditate on your intention to be open to their guidance.

Journaling – Write down questions you have for your guides or situations you'd like assistance with, then meditate on what you've written and jot down any answers or messages that come into your mind.

Dreams – Finally, you may try connecting with your spirit guides through your dreams. Each night before you go to bed, put out the intention that you're open to hearing from them and keep a notepad near you so that you can write down any details you remember in the morning.

Psychic Readings – A psychic may be able to help you better identify your guides and help you to understand the ways in which they are communicating with you, especially if you're looking for guidance in one particular area of your life.

In working to understand and communicate with your spirit guides, it is important to remember that they always recognize your free will. They will not try to force you down a particular path or lead you toward developing harmful human characteristics such as ego or greed. If you remain open to their messages, however, your spirit guides will show you the path that will lead you to success in both your spiritual and practical endeavors and help you begin the next stage in your journey.

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