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Why Do Psychics Ask For Your Name And Birthday?

Psychics need to connect to clients, the individuals who seek them out for guidance and insight into current issues, past events and future guidance. These clients who are receiving readings, regardless of the type of readings chosen, provide psychics with information that will enhanced the psychic's abilities to provide accurate and insightful readings on clients' issues of concern.

Psychics Establish a Strong Connection

When psychics are able to establish a strong connection with their clients, clients receive readings that provide the most helpful and specific information. Though not all readings require information such as names and birth dates, psychics may choose to gather this information for this basic purpose of connecting with a client. The energy, aura and presence of a client, whether by phone, internet or in person, is felt by a psychic who establishes a strong connection.

Additional Requests for Connecting

Several psychics may even request additional information such as places of birth, city of residence or names of loved ones. For in-person readings, it's not unusual for readers to ask to hold hands with a client or to take synchronized breaths before beginning a session. Psychics may also ask a client to provide an object for the psychic to hold during a reading. But, when the request is for a name or birth date, in addition to establishing a strong connection, some psychic readings require this information so that a reading can be completed.

Psychic Readings Requiring Names and Birth Dates

Some psychics conduct readings that require entire names given at birth, including first, middle and last names. Some readers may choose to use a person's nickname along with only the last name. Other readers may only require a fist name, depending on the reading a client chooses. Full birth dates are also required for several readings. These readings requiring names and birth dates are those involving numerology and astrology readings.

Psychic Readings Requiring a Person's Name

Specific readings involving the use of a person's name include numerology readings which translate a name into a number based on the name's letters. The number that the name translates into reveals information about the individual including life path, personality traits, love and career challenges and other areas of a person's life.

Using names in numerology is not dependent on the full name alone. There are a variety of ways to determine core numbers for different types of readings. But with all numerology readings, each letter is assigned a specific number and a reader calculates the letters' assigned numbers to arrive at a certain number. This number is used to reveal information shared with a client.

Psychic Readings Requiring a Person's Birth Date

Astrological readings as well as several numerology readings, require that a person provide his or her birth date. As with numerology readings, different astrological readings provide the client with different information. A variety of choices are available for individuals interested in astrological readings. For example, a natal astrological reading requires a person's birth date. It also requires additional information. Other astrological readings, such as readings to gain insight on love relationships, may require a significant other's birth date as well.

Psychic Readers' Requests: Does this Reveal a Phony Psychic?

When a psychic requests information on names and birth dates, this is not an indicator that a psychic is not truly gifted; on the contrary, it often reveals that the reader is aware of specific methods for connecting with clients as well as the reader's ability to perform a range of different psychic readings, as mentioned above.

If a person is uncertain of a psychic's true abilities and trustworthiness in providing truthful and insightful readings, the best option is to choose a psychic based on prior successes. To do this, research the psychic's knowledge, seek out reviews, review their special abilities and their history that's provided. From here, a quality choice can be made, assisting individuals in selecting gifted readers who will provide the best readings, consistently.

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