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What Are Psychic Rune Readings?

Individuals with psychic abilities use their heightened levels of awareness to perform psychic readings. Through the heightened senses of seeing, touching, feeling and hearing, they are able to predict events in a person's future.

These heightened senses have been labeled as clairvoyance for visual abilities, clairaudience for hearing and clairsentinence for the ability to feel. These senses are paranormal, meaning that they appear to exist but cannot be explained by science. They come from another level of consciousness that is not readily noticed by the ordinary in the concrete world.

These psychic readings are intended to provide guidance in an individual's life. Psychics may also use their abilities to help locate lost objects or people, help solve crimes or connect with the spirit world thorough seances. Further, many psychics use certain tools to help them specialize in providing certain types of readings. Some of the most familiar tools are tarot cards,palm readings and reading someone's aura, or surrounding energy field.

One less familiar tool that some psychics may use is the use of rune readings. It is a very old art that has its roots in a very ancient alphabet. Runes were writing alphabets from the earliest recorded civilizations. Early inscriptions from both ancient Rome and the Germanic Iron age suggest that the runes were used to perform magic.

Today's psychics commonly use the Elder-Furthark Norse runes as a tool for performing psychic readings. Unlike more modern alphabets in which letters stand for certain sounds, the runes represent concepts such as happiness, wealth, danger or conflict. The ancient symbols are used in a psychic reading as an insight for guidance for the subject of the reading.

Whether using wooden or stone runes, the psychic is known as the runecaster. To cast means to toss forward. The runecaster, or psychic draws each rune out of a pouch and places them on a white cloth that they have spread out before them. The runes have been mixed in the bag in perhaps the same fashion as cards are shuffled. The psychic depends on clairsentinence, or a sense of feeling or knowing which ones to draw, or cast, and when. This may start slowly, with the runecaster picking carefully one rune and then another. They continue in this fashion until their clairsentinence sense tells them it is time to toss the remaining runes out onto the cloth in a sort of grand finale way. The psychic can then give a reading based on the first runes and the final runes that fell face up, or with the inscribed side showing. The concepts that each rune represents can help the psychic make predictions and offer guidance based on the way the runes have fallen.

There are a few other ways runecasters cast the runes. Some are cast in layout fashion similar to using tarot cards. The most common is the five rune layout. In this layout, the cardinal directions are used to provide information about the subject of the reading. A single rune is cast in the center of the cloth. This rune represents the subject's present. The rune that lies to the west of this center rune relates to the past. The rune to the north reveals any help that may be received by the subject from any source. The south rune represents things beyond the subject's control, be it positive or negative. Finally, the eastern rune represents the outcome of the situation if nothing is done by the subject to change this outcome.

A psychic who specializes in runes readings will be most beneficial to those who feel a connection to the lore behind the cards either through finding them especially appealing, or having an ancestral connection to runes. Psychics that specialize in rune readings can be located through a certified psychic network.

A true psychic who does rune readings will differ from some one that is trying to scam the subject. The psychics that use these tools for readings correctly will be highly skilled in knowing how to use different layouts for each subject's unique problems or situations. The runecaster will either read them upright or what is known to them as merkstaff.

Merkstaff can be compared to reading reversed tarot cards. Using these layouts, they can give the subject of the reading much detail and guidance on different ways to deal with situations.

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