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Difference Between A “Psychic Reading” And A “Psychic Channeled Reading”?

There is a difference between a psychic reading and a psychic channeled reading, although most people are probably unaware of what makes each distinct. In both cases, information that the reader would have no way of otherwise knowing is conveyed, but each involves a different process.

Psychic Reading

The average person has five senses, which include hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight. Psychic readers, however, have what many refer to as a ‘sixth sense' or ESP (extra sensory perception). They are able to tap into a person's energy and give them information based on what they have perceived. Another way of describing a psychic reading is the ability to give information and advice based on uncommonly strong intuition. Many readers are born with the ability to ‘read' people, and some are able to do so after intense training.

Psychic readings can be done using several tools. There are tarot cards, where the reader uses a set of playing cards that date back to the 15th century to answer specific questions or give a person information about the direction of their life in general. Some conduct clairvoyant readings, where they use images in their own mind to give the client information about something or someone in their life.

Numerology is also a frequently used tool, meaning that the reader can use numbers such as a birth date to give an accurate description of a client's personality and life circumstances. Astrology is also a popular form of psychic reading.

Using Astrology as a tool, a psychic reader is able to tell a person what is happening in their life and what is likely to happen based on the position of the stars at the time of their birth. Another form of psychic reading is psychometry, where the reader is able to get information about a person by coming into contact with their possessions.

The idea is that when people have a possession for a long time, they leave traces of their energy on it that the reader is able to tap into. All forms of readings can be done in person, over the telephone, chatting through instant messaging online and even through e-mail. Some readers are able to gain information by simply touching a person or seeing them.

Psychic Channeled Reading

Whereas psychic readings are based on the reader's perception of a person's energy, psychic channeling involves a person or object being used as a vessel to bring forth information from another entity. People often seek the services of psychic channelers, who are commonly referred to as mediums, when trying to communicate with someone who has passed away. Mediums are able to connect with any type of thing or being in the spirit realm. The channeler serves as the connection between the physical world and the spirit world.

Channeling can occur when the reader is aware of what is happening, but it can also occur when the reader is experiencing a state of suspended consciousness. An example of conscious channeling is the use of automatic writing. The reader clears their mind of all personal thoughts and allows information to come forth through their own hand in the form of writing or typing on the computer. Another example of conscious channeling is telepathy, where the channeler is able to receive thoughts, images and feelings from the entity. The medium is able to pass messages and thoughts from the spirit to the client. Ouija boards are also a form of channeling. A specific question is asked and the answer is conveyed through the board.

Suspended consciousness during a reading is often referred to as a trance. The reader's physical body is used so that the client can communicate with whatever entity they are seeking, usually through speech. In many cases there is noticeable change in the reader's voice, signifying that another being is operating through the reader's body. After being in a trance, the channeler usually has no recollection of what occurred.

Psychic Reading Vs. Psychic Channeled Reading

There is also a difference in the type of information that is typically revealed with each type of reading. Psychic readings usually focus on the details of a client's personal life and the likelihood of what will happen in the future. Psychic channeled readings, on the other hand, tend to deliver messages to the client.

Because both psychic readings and psychic channeled readings require information to pass through the consciousness of the reader, there is always a risk of a message not being delivered accurately. Many are skeptical of both types of readings and fraud is a common phenomenon. Because of this, it is important for clients in both situations to develop their own discernment.

It is also important for clients to have a clear understanding of which type of reading they are seeking since the two are often used interchangeably. If a person wants clarity on matters involving their life, they should seek the services of a psychic reader. If they want to get information by connecting with another entity in the spirit world, they should seek a psychic channeled reading.

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