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Psychic Intuition: Are You A Psychic? Ask Yourself These Questions.

There is a strong belief that everyone has the ability to be psychic to some degree, but some are far more psychically gifted than others. For those with these greater gifts, many are surprisingly unaware that they carry this ability.

Without the support from friends and family of such gifts or the knowledge that psychic abilities come is many different ways, it is common for many true psychics to live their lives often perplexed by oddities that they experience, without knowing how special those experiences truly are.

The following are questions you may want to ask yourself to determine if you are one of the great many people with a natural psychic ability:

Do you describe yourself as being “a good judge of character”?

Your ability to get an accurate sense of a person before you’ve even gotten to know them could far exceed a simple ability to judge peoples character well. It is common for people with the gift to “read” people to have a deeper psychic connection than they give themselves credit for. Those with a true psychic ability will be able to sense good vibes in a person and, in contrast, dimmed energy.

Have you seen, heard, or felt an encounter with a ghosts or spirit?

Paranormal activity around a person on more than one occasion is generally not a coincidence and represents a keen ability to connect with the other side. This gift not only indicates a likelihood of psychic ability, but also a gift of medium-ship, which is the ability to connect with those from The Other Side.

Do you have family members who have had psychic experiences?

Psychic ability is almost always a genetic pattern, and where there is one gifted person, you will often find others who share the gift of psychic intuition within a family’s lineage.

When you meet animals for the first time, do they respond to you positively?

In addition, do you find yourself having conversations in your head with animals you meet? Those who carry a strong psychic ability are often animal communicators. They will be able to connect with animals and share a

Do you notice the atmosphere of a room the moment you walk in – sensing a heat, heaviness, or pressure?

By sensing energy shifts on this level, the psychic ability is strong and enables a psychic to sense a positive or negative environment immediately.

When visiting a building of historical significance, do you feel a connection to it or a weird or creepy feeling?

Psychics may feel “hot” or “cold” spots inside houses that cannot be connected to drafts or vents. In addition, they may sometimes feel a sense of familiarity with this place even though they have never been there before — even evoking an overwhelming emotion, or a sense of déjà vu.

Can you correctly make predictions about friends or family?

Psychics can often correctly predict the sex of unborn children, give strongly accurate advice on decisions that need to be made when loved ones are at crossroads, know who is calling or texting before even looking, and give warnings when you sense something could go wrong with a choice a loved one is about to make.

Do you see sequences of the same numbers over and over again?

Numbers are often used as a means of communication from those on The Other Side, as well as Spirit Guides and Angels. If psychic, you will be keenly tuned into the numerology signs around you.

Are you a vivid dreamer, or do you have lucid nightmares?

If so, do your dreams often come true? Dreams are a library of abundant information, signs, and even premonitions for us all, and particularly those with a strong psychic ability. The dream state is a common ground to regroup with Spirit Guides and obtain information that can be used in the life of the psychic as well as anyone they are connected to in life.

Do you become physically nauseous or dizzy before an event or cancel plans at the last minute, finding out later that it was a “disaster”?

This represents a true gift to detect danger and negative forces around a place, event, or person.

Do you often feel watched, and are not comfortable being alone at night for this reason?

Psychics are very in tune with ghosts or spirits and will easily feel their presence when they are least distracted (alone). For this reason, they were likely afraid of the dark as children and tend to continue to have that fear of the dark well into adulthood.

Have you witnessed electronics and appliances go out around you?

The energy used by those on the Other Side to connect with psychics is abundant, so it is common for electronics and appliances to act awry at the moment that connections are trying to be made. Psychics also have a strong energy vibration and this interferes with the frequency of such things like lights and televisions.

Do you perhaps take prescription pills, drugs, or alcohol to avoid feeling sensations and seeing things that you cannot easily explain?

Those with these great gifts are left with a lifetime of heavy work – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It is not a gift that was ever asked for, and once the signs start to show, it can become traumatic for those that are not supported enough or educated about their gift. Because of the pressures that come with psychic gifts, it is not uncommon for substances to be used in order to “check out” of the intuitive flow.

Psychic intuition and mediumship, when harnessed correctly, is a great tool to help others steer clear of dangers, to translate messages between the Other Side and ours, and to prepare loved ones for premonitions of the future, good or bad. Being able to sense and “read” energies of places and people gives a psychic person the opportunity to approach healing places and people, while also being able to steer clear of negative energies easily.

Without the guidance and assistance of mentors, psychic people may feel a tremendous stress that causes regular bouts of illness and even nervous twitching. Psychic protection is very important, so the person carrying this gift can learn how to hold space for their own internal “silence” and “safety” so that psychic information is not being downloaded and processed internally at all times.

If you have said yes to a majority of the questions above, it is a great likelihood that you are carrying a tremendous gift with you that can be honed and strengthened to help you and those around you. One thing is for certain; you are not alone. More and more people are being born into the world today with this gift; we are coming into an age of a truly enlightened body of people.

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