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What is Psychic Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a type of therapeutic trance-like state that allows a person to obtain a heightened awareness, focus and concentration by opening up the subconscious mind. A person in a hypnotic trance is highly suggestible, which helps in changing behavior and attitudes.

What Hypnosis Is and Isn’t

Do not confuse therapeutic psychic hypnosis with stage hypnosis, where the hypnotist will have people from the audience perform embarrassing tasks, such as the preverbal cluck like a chicken routine.

A qualified hypnotist helps you to relax and achieve a level of intense concentration to work on specific behavior problems, such as dealing with stress. The therapist will offer suggestions while you are in a trance-like state. These suggestions are worked through and discussed with the therapist before hypnotic sessions.

Although a hypnotic trance allows a person to be highly suggestible, you will not do anything that is against your morale code, lose control or allow others to control you. Your free will remains in tack. Often you are aware of your surroundings when you are in a trance-like state and you will remember everything that went on while under hypnosis.

Hypnosis produces a relaxed and calm feeling to allow you to focus completely on a memory, feelings or to concentrate on changing a bad habit such as smoking.

Imagery is used to help in relaxation. A therapist may suggest that you are floating on a cloud or in a serene place listening to a babbling brook or watching waves on an ocean while he/she is speaking in a low, relaxed voice.

Remember, a good hypnotherapist serves as a facilitator or guide to move you into your natural state of concentration.

People often experience a type of trance in waking life. If you have every been deep in thought while traveling a well-know route to work or home and suddenly find yourself at your destination before you realize it, you were basically zoned out enough with intense focus on whatever you were thinking about at the time or had simply let your mind wonder as in a day dream.

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Hypnosis will help people who have chronic pain, prepare for childbirth, sleep disturbances and anxiety problems. Many who undergo therapeutic hypnosis multiple times are often quite able to produce a hypnotic state on their own. Cassette tapes or CD’s offer guided meditations to help you achieve hypnosis on your own.

This can be very useful in dealing with everyday aches and pains as well as everyday stresses. Medical doctors often suggest that their patients use stress management techniques and learn to relax. Stress can cause a variety of illnesses including headaches, gastrointestinal problems and sleeplessness.

Hypnosis is considered a safe alternative treatment and side effects are rare, but do occur. They include headache, nausea and anxiety.

Some may be tempted to use hypnosis as a way to achieve past-life regression. This is a controversial practice with limited if any scientific support and should be used with caution as it could cause false memories and extreme emotions.

When preparing for a hypnosis session, all that is needed is to wear comfortable or loose clothing. Wear sandals or comfortable shoes. It does not do well to wear shoes that are tight or otherwise uncomfortable when you are trying to reach a state of total relaxation.

Hypnotic Techniques

The hypnotherapist generally will speak with you prior to the session to let you know what to expect and to work on goals. Typically, the hypnotherapist will begin by asking you to close your eyes and, speaking in a low, calm voice, will ask you to relax beginning with your toes and working his way up to the head. This helps a person relax in stages.

The hypnotist may also use a necklace or other object to swing back and forth and have you focus in on that object. Sounds, like that of a clock or pendulum can also be used as a focal point while he talks you into a relaxed state. A hypnotist may test the level of the trance by asking you to raise your arm and then give you a suggestion that as you try to lower your arm; you will be unable to do so––until he plants the suggestion that you can.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to help relax and deal with ailments of every kind as well as getting rid of bad habits like over eating or smoking . For those working on problems, there may be the neccessity of multiple session depending on the individual.

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