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What Are Psychic Detectives? Are They Real?

A psychic detective is an individual who conducts crime investigations utilizing unique paranormal psychic abilities. Some people claim that they have special psychic abilities that enable them to assist law enforcement agencies in locating a corpse or solving murder or kidnapping cases. This mysterious power comes from a phenomenon that cannot be explained and originates from the psychic’s sixth sense.

A lot of psychic detectives are ordinary people. Many police departments claim that they are usually never practically helpful although a lot of psychic detectives are involved in attempting to solve crimes. Law enforcement agencies also tend consider the possibility that individuals who claim to have psychic knowledge or visions of a crime might also be involved and could be trying to mislead the investigation.

Most of the time, psychic detectives choose to keep supposed knowledge of a crime that has happened to themselves rather than reporting it to law enforcement agencies. Sometimes, psychic detectives share the visions they have seen with immediate family members. They tend to make a big deal out of their prediction after the crime is solved and all of the information is made available to the public. This kind of personal experience is very hard to verify.

Professional psychic detectives make their psychic visions known to the public. Media networks love to feature these people while crimes are being investigated. However, they are less interested in reporting the aftermath of a case. This results in difficulty in determining whether the psychic was right or wrong in their predictions.


Psychic detectives claim to possess a number of different paranormal abilities. One of these psychic powers is post cognition or a paranormal awareness of the past. Another psychic trait is called psychometry. This is the ability to gather information that is psychologically obtained from objects. Telepathy is another ability that involves transmitting information without the use of any physical interaction or sensory channels.

Psychic detectives also utilize voodoo, tarot reading, dowsing and numerology. Those involved in some murder investigations claim to be able to talk with the souls of victims. Additionally, psychic detectives solve a lot of crimes with their reasoning abilities and intuition.

Psychics on the Police Force

Many police departments deny using psychic detectives in solving crimes. However, these people will sometimes aid in investigations quietly. Some law enforcement agencies employ these individuals on a permanent basis rather than calling for assistance from outside psychics.

If psychic powers really exist, they could be of greatly use in police work. However, it could not be denied that many detectives have a nose for the truth, excellent gut feeling and hunches that are commonly referred as the blue sense. These traits are a very important in conducting police work in an old-fashioned way.

Psychic powers are believed to be a highly developed and advanced version of the body’s existing senses. This is also mixed with strong and unique intuitive abilities that enable an individual to possess psychic powers. Psychic detectives are also considered to have high-class observation skills in order to make connections that ordinary people might miss.

Critical Commentary

In the United States, no psychic detectives have been given official recognition or praise by any media outlet or law enforcement agency for preventing a crime, solving a crime or locating a victim of a kidnapping. In Australia, parents of missing children are advised not to entertain psychics who offer them services.

A leading former police analyst and profiler criticized the practice of psychic detectives in helping to solve crimes. This ex-law enforcement officer states that psychics allow themselves to have perfect hindsight of what happened during a crime. With this, they put a lot of effort into making their vague predictions fit the crime and the profile of the criminal after a particular cased is solved.

Are They for Real?

Psychic detectives both fictional and real are being publicized all the time on media networks throughout America. However, a thorough and detailed examination of psychic detectives reveals that they have better skills in finding fame and publicity than missing individuals.

A common pattern among highly-publicized cases is that dozens or even hundreds of psychics offer numerous leads and tips either for free or for a fee. However, a lot of the information turns out to be wrong when police use the data gathered. A trick that psychics commonly utilize is to provide very vague knowledge or information that could be open to interpretation later on.

These psychics also utilize data gathered by normal means to create elaborate visions that could very well be right. Law enforcement agencies have no choice but to follow these tips including dubious ones that result in wasting precious police manpower and hours. Bodies and missing persons are always found either with tireless police work or by accident.

Despite claims made by a large number of psychic detectives, no missing persons cases have been solved solely with the use of psychic information.

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