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What is a Cartomancy Psychic?

The art of cartomancy has been around for centuries. Although some have mistaken the term to represent dark arts, it actually refers to the practice of telling the future using a regular deck of playing cards as a divination tool. Clairvoyants have been practicing this esoteric craft as early as the 14th century when these types of cards were first invented. Many powerful leaders in world history relied on clairvoyants who were skilled cartomancers to advise them in both personal and professional matters including many significant leaders during the time of the French Revolution. Today cartomancy is one of the more popular types of fortune-telling sought by many people around the world.

Although many people are familiar with the concept of tarot card reading thanks in large part to its portrayal in movies and television programs, cartomancy is not exactly the same thing. One main difference is that cartomancers use regular decks of 52 playing cards without the jokers. In Europe, psychics largely use the French style of playing cards which do not have aces or cards numbered two through seven making a deck of 32 cards. Each suit in the deck has significance for different areas in life. For example; clubs pertain to power, diamonds pertain to health and wealth, hearts pertain to feelings, and spades pertain to intellect. The face cards and number cards have different meanings depending upon how and when they are pulled from the deck.

Some may view cartomancy as a game of chance; however, it requires intuition, practice and skill to form a picture of the future for a client. A clairvoyant’s intuition and psychic gifts contribute to the order in which the cards are pulled which gives specific meaning to the reading. It takes a lot of practice using natural gifts to develop card reading skills necessary to provide an accurate reading, similar to the way professionals of any other occupation become proficient in their field.

Many leaders in history have openly used psychics as a resource for advice that contributed to their decision-making in personal and political matters. Several US presidents have also sought the council of psychics and may have had regular card readings, including; Lincoln, Kennedy, Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Nixon and even Clinton. Many A-list celebrities who also openly use the services of experienced psychics that practice cartomancy include Regis Philbin, Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and many more.

There is a wide availability of practicing cartomancers today. Clients who need advice or wish to learn their future in a variety of areas can find professional psychics who practice card reading in most cities and even online. When choosing a professional, clients can often avoid scams by using referrals and checking references. Word of mouth is the best indicator that the psychic is legitimate and not running a money-making scheme. As with any other professional, different psychics have different strengths. Prospective clients should do their homework before hiring a cartomancy psychic to ensure that they receive services that meet their needs.

Most legitimate psychics will be able to tell customers if they possess the skills in the area of expertise that they are looking for. Many will offer a referral if they do not provide the services requested by the prospective client. Legitimate professionals usually agree on a set fee before the reading and do not offer to provide hexes or love potions for additional fees. Clients should avoid those claiming to be cartomancy psychics who provide partial readings and request more money to continue or complete the reading. True practitioners in the field seek to enhance their clients’ lives through their intuitive abilities and do not operate by using fear to cause a dependency on their services.

Although there are websites out there that claim to provide how-to instructions on the right way to read cards, cartomancy cannot be done by just anyone. Without natural psychic gifts, reading a deck of playing cards is just a game. In order for a reading to have meaning, it should be performed by a clairvoyant that possesses the natural psychic abilities necessary to intuitively select the order of the cards and assign an accurate significance to them.

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