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What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the occult study of numbers and their potential influence throughout an entire lifetime. Numerology fits with multiple beliefs and systems, but is commonly consider pseudoscience with today's Mathematics and technological advances. Numerology is classified today with mystical practices including astrology and studying the paranormal.

The History of Numerology

Although the system of numerology has existed for many centuries, the English word “numerology” itself was essentially unheard of until after 1907. Babylon and Egypt are known to have discovered and embraced numerology before any other group of individuals. Pythagoras was an early Mathematician and philosopher that also embraced numerology and helped with spreading its formulas and knowledge with others.

How Numerology is Used Today

Numerology is used today to help others with determining and setting goals while also gaining insight into making any life changes that may be fitting for them based on their own situations. You can use numerology during psychic readings and also while researching your own birth date and any numbers in your life that may be influential to your personality, relationships and the drive you have in life.

Numerology also plays a role in science and new discoveries of numbers today, although it is not considered a valid form of science or Mathematics itself. Because of numerology's broad and extended history, it is used by many cultures from all around the globe, making it entirely universal by most standards.

Adding numbers together singularly and then breaking them down into one number is one of the most common methods of determining one's life path, love life predictions or even information about their own personality. If you have a birth date of 01/03/1980, adding each individual number returns: 1+3+1+9+8=22. Breaking the double-digit down even more results as: 2+2=4. The end result is “4”, which can be defined as “creation” itself or the active of being creative with many numerology systems. The number “4” may hold different definitions based on the numerology system you are using and the type of reading you are receiving as well.

Number Definitions

Although the definitions of specific numbers can vary greatly depending on the type of reading or interpretation you are using, there are base definitions of the numbers one through nine that help with grasping the concepts of numerology and how specific numbers may relate to you.

  • The Number 1
    Leadership, self, confidence. Also known as “yang” in Chinese numerology
  • The Number 2
    Partnership, unions and balance. Also known as “yin” in Chinese numerology
  • The Number 3
    Communicating effectively/interacting with others
  • The Number 4
    Creation and being creative
  • The Number 5
    Life experience, excitement, engaging, taking action, feeling restless
  • The Number 6
    Responsibility and having a foundation, family
  • The Number 7
    Spirit, consciousness and thought
  • The Number 8
    Sacrifice and/or power
  • The Number 9
    Highest level of consciousness/spiritual changes

Additional numbers that are oftentimes included in the system of numerology includes double-digit numbers, or “master numbers”. Numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. are included as “master numbers” in some forms of numerology, which often hold a significant meaning compared to singular numbers and include more power and influence in life. Master numbers are not utilized in all readings and in all forms of numerology.

Learning More About Numerology

There are hundreds of books available on the history of numerology and how it is used in today's practices of alternative medicine and psychic readings. You can learn more about numerology right from home online by conducting a bit of research on the subject from professionals in the field and those who have experience with the history of numbers as well.

Searching for a Reading That Includes Numerology

If you are interested in knowing more about the numbers in your own life that may be impacting your decisions and the current life path you are on, seeking out a psychic reading or a tarot reading that involves numerology is possible locally and also by comparing readings available online. Seeking out a numerology reading is a way to gain insight into all of the numbers that range from your birth date to your current address to help familiarizing yourself with situations that may be relevant in your own life.

It is also possible to conduct your own numerology readings based on any books or online guides you have available to use while determining the specific numbers that surround your life based on what time you were born, what day and also the year you were born in.

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