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What is an Akashic Record Reading?

Many religions and spiritual sects believe the soul extends past an individual's lifetime experiences. Each soul’s journey consists of many lifetimes and each of these journeys is recorded in an energy-based realm. This realm is known as the Akashic Records.

An Akashic Record reading involves accessing a person’s “soul” record, which can be done by a trained practitioner or as a self-taught pursuit. Access to these records aligns the participant with Akasha, one of the primordial substances used to create the Universe. The information available from this realm provides individuals with life-changing insights that can be applied in their everyday life.

The Akashic Records

Also known as the eternal Book of Life, references to the Akashic Records appear in the Bible as well as in sacred Hindu texts. As a realm unto itself, the Akashic records exist as an ongoing recording of each soul’s journeys through the Earth realm. In a sense, these records are written within the energy field that creates this physical reality.

Each individual soul contributes its own frequency to the mix. Each frequency plays a part in the Akasha or creation process with a record of activity for each one. In effect, an Akashic reading taps into a person’s soul frequency where personal habits, life patterns and deeply-held beliefs originate.

At the heart of this realm lies the Creator or Source of all souls. An Akashic record is created every time an individual soul separates from this Source to exist as an independent entity here on Earth.


Much like a geneticist reads the coding sequences found in DNA strands, an Akashic reader decodes the information contained inside a person’s record. In order to do this, he or she must enter the Akasha energy realm and then locate a person’s soul record or soul frequency.

At the start of a reading, the practitioner says a Sacred Prayer that’s specifically designed to protect him or her from negative forces inside the energy realm. The prayer also makes an appeal to gain knowledge and understanding from the reading.

Each record is encoded in what’s known as Light language or essentially words written inside the energy realm. Practitioners must have a highly developed attunement that enables them to interpret and translate the information they find.

The Hall of Records

During the course of a reading, a practitioner accesses the Hall of Records where all soul records are stored. The information contained inside each record is written by Recording Angels and then given to Record Keepers who file each record in the Book of Life. These records contain information on past life experiences, present-day experiences and future possibilities.

The practice of saying a Sacred Prayer before a reading opens up the gateway to the Hall of Records. Once inside the hall, the Divine Spirit guides the practitioner to the person’s record. Access to a record only provides information and guidance relevant to what a person needs to know at this point on their journey.

Creation & Free Will

A principle belief underlying Akashic Record reading has to do with the feelings of separateness a person feels towards the Creator. This sense of separation gives rise to the internal conflicts and problems in a person’s life.

A second core principle has to do with how the energy realm impacts our lives on a continuous basis. In effect, each soul frequency becomes encoded with the energies it creates in each lifetime.

An Akashic Record reading enables a person to identify and let go of the destructive patterns (or energies) that feed the sense of separation from the Creator. In the process of letting go, a person re-discovers a sense of free will and the power to re-create their existence at will.


It’s not uncommon for people to act in ways they wouldn’t expect or don’t understand; especially in their dealings with friends and loved ones. Part of the reason for these behaviors has to do with the types of energy or “karma” a soul acquires from past and present life experiences. These energies create patterns in the subconscious mind. Ultimately, these patterns become active within certain life situations as well as at different times within a person’s life.

Through accessing an Akashic record, a person reconnects with the truth of who they are. This experience allows clarity and insight into the problem areas in a person’s life. Participants receive healing from core problem issues, such as: Fear, Grief, Abandonment, Codependency and Addiction.


One of the greatest benefits from doing an Akashic record reading is the sense of direction a person can gain regarding deep-seated life issues. Since these records hold information on past, present and future realities, a person has a big picture overview of the forces that most impact his or her life. From this perspective, a person can make informed decisions with a clear state of mind.

The Akasha realm is centered inside the Creator’s unconditional love and compassion for souls. From this energy Source and perspective, a person can see past the ego-centered logic of the physical reality to a highly enlightened state of being. It’s in this energy state where the answers to a soul’s journey lies.

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