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What Is Your Karmic Debt Number?

In a numerology chart, your karmic debt numbers indicate past life issues you must balance in your present life. Misuse of love, money or power in a previous incarnation requires learning how to harmonize similar situations in the current lifetime. If you experience repeated negative energy around certain situations or find yourself encountering the same relationship issues over and over again, karmic debt numbers may explain why. Learning the lessons affiliated with these numbers will help you vibrate toward their more positive aspects. The four karmic debt numbers include 13, 14, 16 and 19. If these numbers occur in key places in your numerology chart like your birthday, destiny, life path or soul numbers, they exert a great influence on your current lifetime.

Number one, the first digit in each karmic debt number, indicates that a selfish use of power occurred in a previous life. The second digit in each karmic debt number indicates the type of misuse of power that must be resolved in the current life. A karmic debt number of 13, for example, signifies a misuse of creative energy and artistic talent. The karmic debt number 14 indicates misaligned work energy and authority over others. It may indicate a past life of partying and self-indulgence rather than responsibility. It may also indicate an abuse of authority. The karmic debt number 16 indicates an imbalance of love energy. Perhaps your past lives included incidents of infidelity, abandonment or failure to accept family responsibilities. A karmic debt number of 19 indicates issues with spiritual power. It often refers to a lifetime in which personal gain took precedence over serving others.

Numerologists write karmic debt numbers as dual numbers, including both the karmic debt number and the number to which it reduces. For 13, for example, numerologists write 13/4. They do this because numbers always get reduced to a single digit in numerology, and the two digits in 13 add up to four. Since 14 reduces to five, numerologists write 14 as 14/5. Likewise, numerologists write the number 16 as 16/7 and 19 as 19/1. Reduced karmic debt numbers indicate the current lifetime remedies for resolving the karmic issues the numbers represent.

Since the number four represents work, a 13 appearing in your chart may indicate you feel you have to work hard for anything you achieve. Negative aspects of the number four include a tendency toward rigidity, a need to control, dogmatism and blaming others instead of accepting self-responsibility. Positive traits of the number include consistency, stability, practicality and industriousness. Activating the positive aspects of the number 4 with deliberate conscious intent will assist you in overcoming the challenges 13 brings. An ordered home and workplace, focusing on goals and tasks until completion and self-discipline balance the karmic debt number 13.

The number 14 reduces to five, and five often indicates a life of constant change plus frequent temptation. If 14 appears in your numerology chart, you may experience temptation in the form of addiction or overindulgence. Positive aspects of the number five include adaptability and a sense of adventure. This number also indicates a life in which a number of unexpected events may occur, and the key to dealing with these unanticipated situations is flexibility. Commitment to your life goals also helps balance the energy of the number five. Moderation harmonizes your emotions and helps you cope with the many changes life can bring.

The number 16 indicates a past life abuse of love, usually romantic love. Lessons in this life often involve commitment and learning to consider the feelings and needs of others. Positive aspects of the number seven, the number to which 16 reduces, include intelligence, a scholarly nature and interest in education and learning. Negative aspects of seven include aloofness, moodiness and a lack of concern for how others feel. Loving, nurturing actions that honor the feelings of others balance this karmic debt number. Seven also indicates a path of spiritual growth, and this number in your chart urges you to look within and live according to spiritual principles.

One, the reduced number for the karmic debt number of 19, represents autonomy and leadership. Negative aspects of this number include selfishness, dependence and laziness. Positive aspects of the number include independence, innovation and leadership. If this karmic debt number appears in your chart, you must learn how to balance a need for independence with the need for others. While you may have to rely on yourself to resolve many of your life issues, remember you still need others in your life.

Karmic debt numbers indicate challenges and lessons faced in this lifetime. They also reveal the solutions to those challenges and the way to master those lessons. Awareness of your karmic debt numbers can help you recognize some of the patterns in your life and begin to change any negative patterns. By focusing on the positive attributes of these important numbers, you can transform your relationships and create greater harmony in all areas of your life.

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