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How To Build Up And Strengthen Your Psychic Armor

How To Build Up And Strengthen Your Psychic Armor

Within a single day we encounter dozens–sometimes hundreds–of other individuals, each bringing his or her own energy. Sometimes that energy blends well with our own, and other times we can't get away fast enough. While these potentially negative encounters are brief, there are others who cannot–or will not–be deterred so easily. It is possible to become the victim of a psychic attack, brought on either deliberately or unbeknownst to the assailant. This can happen when one person directly or indirectly sends out intense feelings of ill-will towards another, actively (even if unconsciously) wishing them harm.

The symptoms of a psychic attack can vary depending on your own awareness and resiliency. You may notice little hiccups in your daily regimen–misplaced items, glitches in scheduling, or misunderstandings–but nothing overtly troubling. In severe cases, however, illness, psychological breakdown, and other extreme misfortunes may occur. Nearly every culture around the world and since time immemorial has identified and dealt with the threats of psychic assault, and sought various remedies, charms, personal self care tactics to ward off assailants both near and far. Regardless of whether you believe this to be the work of dark magic or scientific energy, there's no denying the effect one's psyche can have on another.

There are quite a few simple but effective ways to build up your own psychic armor and render yourself impervious to attacks on your well-being. Whether it's a jealous co-worker, bitter rival, or spurned lover, you can guard yourself against negative energies and outcomes by preserving your own inner stability and fortifying your outer space.

Visualization through meditation is a powerful tool not only in warding off psychic attacks but boosting the body's natural immunity and instilling the inner peace, calm, and clarity necessary for remaining steadfast in your purpose of life. Meditation has been medically proven to lower anxiety and reduce the symptoms of depression, fatigue, and many common illnesses, so it's only sensible to conclude that it can also provide invaluable protection against the unseen energies of those around us.

A simple meditative exercise can take as little as ten minutes or up to an hour, but provide long-lasting effects either way. Choose a time a of day when you will not be interrupted or distracted, and find a welcome space for yourself. This can be a sunny spot under the window, outside, or anywhere you feel safe and most comfortable. Close your eyes and start by breathing at a steady, even pace, imagining yourself in place of infinite beauty, serenity, and protection. Only you inhabit this space, and none can enter without your permission. Here is where you replenish your natural sources of energy, resilience, confidence, and courage.

Imagine yourself in this space, and bathed in a warm, glowing light. This light can be whatever color appeals to you, and will act as your “armor.” As long as this light is wrapped around you no one can harm you with their negative energy, thoughts, or curses. As you meditate repeat silently to yourself that you are strong and have immense value, and carry only good intentions. Call upon your chosen spirit guardians to keep watch over you; if you are uncertain simply request protection from your unnamed benefactors. Now visualize this light remaining with you even as you leave that sacred space and return to the waking world. Make sure to give thanks before you bring the meditation exercise to a close.

Just as the law of attraction states that we control what we bring into our lives, visualization as psychic armor allows us to move without hindrance, so long as we truly trust in our own impenetrable light. Once you have acquired and strengthened your psychic armor those who come in contact with you will be powerless to interfere with your energy and well-being; any negative energy sent out will be deflected, and in some cases return to the very assailant as punishment. This is called the boomerang effect, and acts under the similar rules of karmic law.

In addition to meditation, there are a number of precious stones you can carry on your person or keep in your home as energy “boosters.” For thousands of years sacred stones, gems, and minerals have been utilized by societies to protect wearers against harm, as well as manifest love, success, and longevity.

Black tourmaline has long been used and prescribed by spiritual practitioners, mystics, magicians, and healers to ward of danger from outside entities, as well as that which is manifested from within. Black tourmaline acts to diminish self doubt and negative thinking, which in turn will ensure that your psychic armor remains strong. Rose quartz is also an extremely valuable stone, and can be worn or placed in the home to draw love and likewise repel any harmful energy aimed one's way. Amethyst, selenite, turquoise, jade, and even salt or freshwater pearls carry potent powers for eliminating outside threats and inner turmoil, and are widely believed to attract blessings and good fortune. Additionally, any of these stones can be held in the palm during meditation exercises, and will help you to focus and visualize at a more vivid level.

Remember that self care is vital in building up one's psychic armor. Set aside at least thirty minutes a day for “me time,” and remind yourself that you are worth the moment of reprieve. We are often at our most vulnerable when we are tired, depressed, overwhelmed, or in poor health, so it's important to create a foundation worthy of the armor you manifest.

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