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How Can You See The Aura Of Others?

Have you ever seen another person’s aura, but you are unable to recreate the experience? This field of energy that surrounds your physical self can easily be seen radiating two to three feet outside of your body.

The location of the different colors will reveal interesting facts about the individual that you are reading. If an individual has a red aura around their heart, it could mean that they have unresolved issues that are leaving them unsettled.

The auras that you see in someone can be a window into their personality; a way to see something that is nestled deep within their soul that they may not even be aware of.

How Can You Read the Aura of Others?

The most important thing to know about an individual’s aura is that it is an ever-changing aspect of the individual that will grow and evolve as our human soul’s change, which makes it so that the auras reflect the personality of the individual that it surrounds.

There are several steps that you will need to take to properly read the aura of another, but the first thing that will help you is to start noticing energy around you on a daily basis. Feel the energy pulse through your body, and really focus on how you feel while you are in the presence of a dear friend. Do you feel like a welcome guest who is loved and adored by all or do you feel drained? This basis for feeling others is part of what is required to detect the auras of others.

Auras are best seen out of the corner of your eye. Think about the magic eye books that many individuals loved in their youth. Seeing the image was often much easier to do when you crossed your eyes or looked at the page from a different angle. When you look at something directly, you brain filters out the images that are not typical, which means that looking out of the corner of your eye can be a great way to help train your eyes to see the auras of others.

Since reading auras means that you need to be able to see the different colored auras that you see, you need to build-up and condition your sight. If you have brightly colored construction paper, you can stare at the paper, and then soften the focus that your eyes have on the coloration of the paper.

When you are practicing reading auras, it can be tough to begin with a living individual, so you may wish to begin with a simpler item to read like a house plant, a doll, or anything else that you have on hand. Once, you are able to see more than a simple house plant, you can move on to another individual. A great way to do this is to have your volunteer stand in front of a wall. It can be neutral in coloration if you like, and all you need to do is look past the person and look at the wall. This will create a soft focus on your friend who is helping you perfect your skill.

If you are having issues getting the aura to show, ask aloud for it to appear. In addition, refrain from relying on your sense of vision when you are looking for the auras because they can easily be discovered with your other senses as well. Try to change the conditions of the room once you find your friend’s aura to see if they change. Since an individual’s aura changes, it is a very likely scenario for you to encounter.

Staying in Practice

Once you learn to read the aura of others, make sure to practice it whenever you can. Once you can easily see their aura, it is time to start trying to see your own. This will be a much more difficult process, but it is a great way to help strengthen your intuitive abilities. If you are having trouble, rub your hands together to help activate the energy that is encircling your body, which will make it easier to see your aura.

Reading the aura of another individual is a great way to make you slow down, strengthen your focus, and really look deep into an individual’s soul to see what their aura reveals about them.

There are 15 different layers that an aura can reveal, but the first nine are often the ones that are focused on the most. If someone’s aura is murky and out of balance, then health problems may arise.

The next time you feel someone has a glow around them, try to use your intuitive powers to get a glimpse at their aura.

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