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The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Dreams

Everyone dreams; in fact, dreams occur every night, you just don’t remember them all. Your dreams are a window into your mind; a way that your mind can resolve your thoughts and emotions of the day and help you make peace with them by creating a story that can be stored away in the archives of your consciousness.

I have spoken about dreams interpretation previously but that merely scratches the surface. We are going to take a more in depth look at your dreams and find the hidden meaning that can often be found behind tragic dream events.

Understanding The Meaning Of Tragedy Dreams

If you find that your dreams are having more of a tragic and traumatizing theme of late, you need to figure out a way to deal with the emotions and thoughts that are causing these dreams. You are most likely avoiding dealing with something in your life that you are afraid to face.

Maybe it is a career change, a big move away from your family or friends, or a decision regarding your relationship, but no matter what the cause, it is eating at you and causing you mental stress and pain. Once you figure out what the dreams are pointing to, you should deal with the issue to put your mind at ease.

Tragedy dreams can come to you in many ways, it is up to you to find the meaning behind the story that your subconscious mind is creating. Let’s take a look at some of the most common traumatizing dreams and dig deeper into their meanings.

Water: Having a dream that has a lot of water in it is often the way that our minds reveal our emotions. Water that is turbulent and harsh reveals that you are struggling with some aspect of your life. Maybe you are struggling to stay above water and your mind is helping you to find a way to deal with these emotions.

Accidents: Some people believe that when you dream that an accident is going to occur that it is a premonition into the future; a warning that danger is heading your way, but that is not always the case.

An accident in a dream could also mean that you subconsciously feel that your life is going down a path that will eventually lead to disaster. If another individual is injured in the accident, it could represent hurt feelings or emotions that you harbor towards that individual. A train accident could symbolize a feeling that you have lost control of your life; that it has “gone off of the rails.”

Paralysis: Dreams that express some type of paralysis often mean that your fears or emotions are keeping you from dealing with inner struggles that you are facing. It is a sign that you are not in control of some aspect of your life; you may be frozen in place and afraid to move forward.

Suffocation: The next traumatic dream that you may experience is one where you are suffocating and struggling to breathe. This does not mean that you will die from suffocation, but it does mean that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Your mind is unable to cope with this anxiety; and as a result, you feel like your head is slipping below the sands as you struggle to cope.

Death: Death in a dream does not deal with a physical death, it often refers to a dramatic change in your life. The death represents the end of one era in your life and the beginning of a new one.

Discovering more about yourself will help you gain confidence to face these changes in your life. If the death is someone you know, it could also represent feelings of resentment that you have towards that individual.

Being Buried Alive: These types of dreams often indicate that a change in your life is troubling you. It symbolizes the fact that you are trying to repress your feelings and accept the changes in your life. Facing these feelings is imperative for you to bring balance back to your life.

Dreams do have deeper meanings, but they are often hidden within your own subconscious. They are informing you that there is a deeper issue in your life that you need to deal with.

Exploring the meaning of your dreams and facing your emotions head on will lead to happiness. If you are having issues figuring out the meaning behind your dreams, a phone psychic reader can help you.

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