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How You Can Find Your Spirit Guide

Everyone on Earth has at least one spirit guide, which is an entity that assists humanity in the journey toward higher consciousness. Not everyone is in touch with their guide (or guides), but once the decision is made to connect with these spirit guides, the steps toward open communication are simple — it's the part where you must let go of your ego and trust that you're receiving the messages they should that's the hard part.

The purpose of finding your guide is to receive answers not currently available at your level of consciousness. You will find in your spirit guide a go-to person for when you need answers to life's many questions. This does not, of course, mean you can ask your guide to provide you numbers to the day's lottery drawing or ask them to give you your enemy's deep dark secret; spirit guides exist to assist you in your spiritual journey.

The very first thing anyone seeking to connect with their spirit guide needs to do is let go of all doubts. Any question as to whether or not the guides exist needs to be released, and you must understand that you're not crazy when they begin to see, hear, and feel things you can't explain.

When you attempt to connect to your guide, you're actually raising your vibrational frequency, which will make it much easier for your guide to make conscious contact with you. Our minds are so busy and stressed out that that we tend not to feel our spirit guide's presence, so you'll have to make a conscious effort to quiet down and actively listen if you want to hear your guide clearly.

The communication between you and you spirit guides will be telepathic, and can generally be accomplished through intense focus, dreams, or during times of meditation. The more you communicating with your guides, the easier the practice will become.

To connect with your spirit guide for the first time, find a quiet space, breathe in and out deeply a few times, and visualize in a sacred space, somewhere safe and calm. Then politely ask your guide to reveal him or herself to you. (Yes! Spirit guides can be either male or female.)

Developing a relationship with your spirit guide is like developing a relationship with someone on the physical plane; it will take time to develop and for your communication styles to line up. When you first attempt contact, you might see the form of your guide, but they may choose not to speak, or vice versa. They may also send you an object, such as a feather, so you can feel their presence.

You should begin your communications with yes or no questions. Once you get the hang of this and have understood the methods in which your guide communicates with you, you can move on to asking your guide about themselves. There are some easy ways to connect and further your relationship, including taking a piece of paper and a pen and writing down some questions, then immediately writing down the first thing that comes to mind. These are the answers from your guide!

Some questions you might use may include “Male or Female?”, “Age?” and “Name”? You may also add any other questions as long as they are simple and can be answered in one word.

Get into a place of quiet and relaxation and send messages to your guide asking them for their name, if they've helped you before, and if they are your only guide. Have a pen and more paper ready to write down any answers your guide provides.

Knowing your guide's name is one of the most important connections you can make with them. You learn the names of people you meet in the physical plane – why wouldn't you learn the name of your spiritual guide? Some people impulsively pick (or are provided) a name for their guide, but you may also spend some time discovering you guide's name. See how the energy feels when they're present. Is it masculine or feminine energy? Are you feeling drawn toward the name of someone you have known that is no longer living? That person's spirit could very well have been sent to you to guide you. Confirm with them that the name you've thought of is their name.

Later, you may take the opportunity (or several opportunities) to ask questions such as “What is my mission in this life?” or “How many spirit guides do I have?” Begin a dialogue with your spirit guide.

When your guide speaks to you, it will take place in your own mind — you won't physically hear them as you would hear a human being you were having a conversation with. Your guide will sound exactly like your usual thoughts, but you should pay attention to what your thoughts are actually saying to you. Keep an “ear” out for thoughts that begin with what seems like someone saying your name or referring to you as “you.” For example, you may ask your guide a question and get the response “You already know what to do here!” That's your spirit guide!

An important aspect of trying to connect is asking for validation that what you are hearing, feeling, and sensing is, in fact, your guide. Guides understand the need for validation, and will happily provide it to you, especially if they can tell you're having trouble listening or understanding. They can work with whatever form of validation you're comfortable with, and you shouldn't be afraid to ask questions or to ask for clarification that what you're hearing is actually what they're saying.

Another thing you may notice as you build a relationship with your spirit guide is an influx of synchronicities in your day to day life. You may think that these are just mere coincidences or some kind of crazy, random happenstance. Not at all! These are your spirit guide reaching out to connect with you.

At this point, you will likely begin to feel your guide's presence even when you're not asking for it. You may also feel physical manifestations of your guide, such as pressure on your crown chakra (the top of your head) or unusual sensations on one side of your body.

Each individual person's life experience determines how many spirit guides they have, and generally, each guide has a specific purpose in your life. One guide may be sent to assist you in your spiritual development, while another might be sent to assist you on some creative endeavor you're exploring. Still other guides may be deployed to be with your during an accident or other catastrophic event to keep you safe and secure.

Additionally, each person will have a spirit guide called a Twin Flame. These guides have the strongest connection with your soul and will be with you until you leave the physical plane. If you only have one spirit guide, this will be the one you have.

Once you have made the connection with your guide (or guides), start to pay close attention. You will begin to notice validation that your guide is with you and guiding you, and you may notice the feeling of a higher frequency nearby or signs you would associate with being guided.

Before any session with your guide, or even before asking them a simple question, make sure to greet them as you would any other friend. They're here to help, but they also appreciate being appreciated.

At a point, you will be able to delve into the deeper questions of your life and the universe. For example, you might ask your guide about past lives (both yours and theirs!), whether or not you're on the right spiritual path, if you're in the correct job or relationship in order to fulfill your ultimate life purpose, and whether the life goals you've set for yourself are realistic.

There are also a couple notes of caution associated with finding your spirit guide. The first is to not get discouraged! Your guides are there, so even if you're having trouble immediately connecting with them or hearing their answers to your questions, don't lose hope. They're there, and they want to help you. You need to calm your mind and concentrate on the relationship you want to begin with your guide.

Additionally, make sure you thank your spirit guide for any guidance they provide! Your guide is there to help you, but everyone likes to be thanked. Spirit guides are no exception. After you've asked your spirit guide a question, or after you've received some kind of insight (whether asked for or not), be sure to genuinely say thank you. Gratitude will do wonders for building a positive relationship with your guide.

Remember, that having a spirit guide is very similar to having a conscience, and that they are in your life to assist you in navigate life's ups and downs and to steer you toward the opportunities for your life's greater good. Your spirit guide will help you find your life's purpose and to point you in the right direction when you feel yourself falling out of control. Their entire purpose is to help you, so build a close relationship with them, and ask for their help when you need it.

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