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What Is A Dream Journal?

Keeping track of your dreams in a journal is called “dream journaling” and this allows you to directly interact with your own subconscious. By writing down your dreams, you will be able to see common threads and patterns in your own dreamworld. You can use these to help sort out your own life, and you can also use them to increase lucid dreaming. Whether you want personal analysis, lucid dreaming, or a tremendous boost in creativity, dream journaling can help to benefit your life immediately.

Why use a dream journal?

Dream journaling allows you to analyze your dreams in order to gain numerous benefits. You will find your creativity skyrocketing once your dreams are easily remembered. You may find important messages in your dreams that can help you to better your life. You may also be able to lucid dream with the help of a dream journal.

Understanding Your Dreams

While dreams may not make sense at first, you will soon learn how intricately organized your subconscious really is with the help of a dream journal. When you awake in the morning or even in the middle of the night, grab your notebook and write the first things that come to your mind. It does not have to make sense, but you should try and give as much clarity as possible. If your dreams feature a purple cat dancing the tango, then write it down in your journal. Over time, you will begin to notice recurring themes in your dreams.

Dream characters

One of the most interesting things you'll find in your journal are recurring characters. These characters can be people you know, or they may be entirely fictitious and impossible in reality. Once you become aware of these characters, you can use them for many beneficial purposes.

What to do with dream characters

Dream characters are your subconscious personified. When reviewing your journal, pay attention to how they act. You may find that they help you to solve a problem in your life, or that they represent a change you are struggling to make. Dream characters nothing more than your mind in a different form, and it is wise to become their friend.

Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the act of controlling your dream through awareness. Once you're aware that you're dreaming, you can then control it to your whim. It is possible to fly, sing, and even summon people and new worlds while inside of your dreamland. If you use a dream journal, then you will be able to lucid dream in no time!

One way of entering a lucid dream is by noticing a recurring character. With practice, you will be able to remind yourself that you are dreaming once the character is in vision. At first, you may become overexcited and awaken. Don't worry, as you will gain more control in every subsequent dream.

How to get the most out of your dream journal

Now that you know the benefits of using a dream journal, it is important to learn how to use them for the optimal benefits. Your dream journal should be kept near your bed in order to access it upon awakening. Once you are awake, enter keywords that can help you to recall more information later. You don't have to write a full paragraph, but recreate the overall gist of the dream in order to help flesh it out later.

Make sure to use and review your dream journal daily. If you only do it once in a while, then you will not be able to make progress in your analysis and lucid dreaming. You can even start slowly and only record in the mornings. Once you get more used to journaling, you can do it when you awaken in the middle of the night from a dream.

Reviewing your journal in the day and evening can also greatly boost your results. It will keep your mind on dreaming which helps to inspire creativity and a positive outlook on life. If you read your journal before sleeping, then you will be able to easily enter lucid dreams.

Reviewing your journal can also help you to see recurring themes in your dreams. If you find that certain events keep happening or people keep appearing, then you can take the time to understand what it means in relation to your own life. These themes and characters are your subconscious screaming for you to take action, and keeping them organized in your dream journal is essential for making personal progress.

You can begin dream journaling today to see for yourself. You will find your life enriched with the information that you get from your dreams. If you can lucid dream, then you will awaken with a deep satisfaction after traveling in your own mind. Grab your paper and pen to get started!

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