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What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

It can be confusing when people talk about mediums versus psychics. They are often given terms that don't apply to them. The terms may be a bit confusing as well.

If you're trying to find a guide, it's vital that you understand what they are capable of helping with, and what they are not.

Many times, guides are lumped together into one category when they can be vastly different from each other.

What is a Psychic?

When people talk about a psychic, they are often mentioning someone who can pick up non-physical or supernatural information from the world around them. While we all have five senses, which are sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, psychics have extra senses beyond those five. The abilities they have is often called extra-sensory. They can see beyond what is visible in front of them. Some psychics have the ability to hear and touch things that others cannot.

Often, psychics get flashes of information. They'll perceive a feeling, image or sound that they'll have to decipher and translate to a client in a way that makes sense. Psychics with more experience are able to turn an image into an explanation that fits with the client's life.

He or she will have to fine-tune their abilities and use logic to deal with clients. Each psychic's abilities are on a different level with some of them being extremely sensitive and able to work with clients, and some psychics are able to feel and see things extremely rarely.

What is a Medium?

Mediums are considered a channel between a spiritual personality and the client. They are able to allow messages to flow through them as if they were a telephone. While the channel is open, the messages are not always clear, which means that the medium will have to use her experience to translate the messages.

The spirit that is being channeled depends on the medium. Some can channel and work with specific spirits like their own spirit guide who will provide messages for clients based on the knowledge gained in the spiritual world. Others will seek out specific spirits for the client based on who surrounds the client.

When seeking a medium as a spiritual guide, the client should understand what kind of spirits the medium is channeling.

Similarities of Psychics and Mediums

Psychics and mediums have the ability to see things that are not visible to other people. They use this ability to help clients with their daily lives as well as specific problems. Since they both have psychic abilities, psychics and mediums can read a person's energy to perceive events that have impacted the person already or will impact them in the future.

The psychic and the medium will conduct readings. The psychic uses a reading to tune in to the client's energy while the medium will conduct a reading to contact the spirit world.

A client will need to do research into the type of spiritual advisor that will work best for their situation as well as their needs.


A psychic can receive information about events in the future, while mediums are only able to receive information that the spirit decides to impart. They are not often concerned with the future of our world. It's thought that while the spirits can see the future and the past, they do not tend to worry about the future as we do.

While a medium is usually a psychic, not all psychics are mediums. A psychic can perceive a wide range of information around them, which is the same for a medium. While a medium can channel a spirit from beyond the senses, a psychic does not have this ability. This is one of the most profound differences between the two spiritual guides.

It's an important distinction for clients depending on the type of advisor, and the type of help they are seeking when looking for a guide.

What a Medium Can Do to Help

Grieving Process: A medium can help a loved one with the grieving process when they've lost someone. When a medium contacts the spirit world in search of a loved one who has passed on, they are looking for reassurance from the spirit on behalf of the client. The client wants to know that the loved one is not suffering and is at peace. It often brings peace to the client who is themselves suffering.

Healing Process: In some cases, the client went through a traumatic event with the spiritual loved one. They are looking for closure, forgiveness and healing. For the most part, spirits are not there to cause fear and distress. They want to help their loved one achieve peace, forgiveness or closure.

Receiving Information: When contacting the spiritual world, the client is seeking information. While the medium would love to ask the spirits all the client's questions, often, the spirits have their own agenda. They might not be willing to answer all their loved one's questions since they might feel as if it has no relevance in the beyond.

What Can a Psychic Do?

A psychic cannot contact the spiritual world for specific information from loved ones or guides. They are searching the person's energy, deciphering images, feelings, scents and sounds to give the client information.

Future Events: While the psychic can't provide the exact details of your future, they can read the energy around a particular situation and give you details on possibilities that might occur.

Dream Interpretations: A psychic can help you interpret a client's dreams in a way that helps them overcome obstacles and make decisions. If the dream is confusing, a psychic can read the client's energy and help him or her decipher the dream in a way that will provide helpful information to the client.

Love in the Future: Many people head to a psychic to find out whether they are going to meet the love of their life soon. While the psychic can't tell the client the exact name of a potential partner, she can tell the client that there will be a meeting with a stranger at the mall or museum. Information like that can leave the client open to the possibilities of meeting people and leaving them open for love.

The Client's Expectations

Medium: When going to a reading with a medium, clients can't arrive with a list of questions and the will to drive the session. The spirits are in charge of the reading since they are the ones being consulted. The medium will do her best to steer the conversation with the knowledge that the client is there for something specific, but she can't force the spirits to do her bidding.

Psychic: It's helpful to see a psychic with an open mind. While it's understandable to want specific information, a psychic can only read what's being offered by the world or universe around them. They can't force information that isn't there. It's easy to get frustrated when a client isn't hearing specific information and details, but the psychic is translating images and feelings, not concrete specifics.

There are many similarities between a psychic and a medium since they both seek information from sources outside themselves. They use their experience and intelligence to decipher messages that are not always clear, but psychics are consulting the world around the client and themselves and the medium is channeling spirits.

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