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What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Clairvoyant?

When it comes to the supernatural, the unexplained or the paranormal world, it often seems we have far more questions than answers. There seems to be no limit to the different types of experiences, encounters and phenomenons people around the world report having and seeing. In many of these cases, a paranormal expert is called in to help people understand what they are experiencing and how to deal with it.

Often, a psychic or a clairvoyant is the expert people turn to for advice and guidance. Sometimes, people assume a psychic and a clairvoyant are simply interchangeable supernatural experts who have the same types of skills and abilities. It is true that psychics and clairvoyants often have similar abilities. However, there are some differences between psychics and clairvoyants and the ways in which they can help people understand and process paranormal events and activities.

Understanding the difference between clairvoyant abilities and psychic abilities can help you determine which expert is best suited to help you or answer your questions. Both psychics and clairvoyants can offer great insight and guidance and here is some information to help you better understand the difference between these supernatural skill sets.

What Types of Abilities Do Psychics Have?

People with psychic abilities are able to perceive things other people cannot. Using extrasensory perception, also known as ESP, psychics are able to simply tune into information hidden from the ordinary senses of most people. The term psychic is derived from the Greek word “psychikos” meaning mental or from the mind and is a good description of how psychics receive their information.

Psychics are able to use the power of their own minds and senses to receive, tune into and interpret messages and information from the other side. Psychics are able to receive information and knowledge about people, events and things from the past, in the present and those that will happen in the future. Psychics usually receive their messages as images or as messages that seem to be “spoken” by someone or something from the other side.

While psychics may sometimes hold an object belonging to a particular person they wish to connect with or use other inanimate objects to help focus their thoughts and intuitions and make a stronger connection, psychics do not require help or aid from angels, spirits or people who have moved onto the other side.

In fact, psychics do not have to consciously work to tune into messages and information from the other side and receive messages without actively trying to access the information. For some people with psychic abilities, it can be a bigger challenge to tune messages out than it is to receive and interpret them. Tuning messages out can be exceptionally difficult for children just coming into their psychic abilities and can even be frightening for them until they understand what their skills allow them to do and how to better control them.

Because they can see, hear and feel things most others cannot, many children blessed with psychic abilities are misunderstood and labeled as extremely imaginative and creative on the positive side and as liars or troublemakers when their abilities are not recognized and negatively interpreted.

For many people living with psychic abilities, the constant barrage of messages and information from the other side can be difficult to manage. To help limit the distraction of unwanted information, many psychics have developed coping mechanisms to help temporarily “tune out and turn off” their abilities.

What Types of Abilities Do Clairvoyants Have?

While clairvoyants can receive, interpret and deliver messages others cannot sense, the way they get their information differs from the way psychic skills work. Unlike psychics, clairvoyants must tune into messages from the other side through help from an outside source. Clairvoyant information is not received directly to the mind and senses of the clairvoyant but rather it is given to the clairvoyant from their channel.

The channel may be that of an angel, spirit or a loved one who has passed. Clairvoyants can also often use a picture of or a token belonging to the person they want to connect with to harness energy and information stored within the objects. This energy can help clairvoyants connect with a specific person so they can gather information and messages from the other side that can be of benefit or comfort to those still living within and navigating the realities of this realm.

Unlike a psychic who just automatically tunes into messages and information from the other side, a clairvoyant must first connect with a channel to get information. Sometimes, the channel delivers information to the clairvoyant in the form of emotions, physical discomfort, automatic writing, audio messages, images, scents, word and or sentence fragments and in other forms that must be deciphered and interpreted by the clairvoyant and verified by the intended recipient of the message.

Because clairvoyants must actively tune into their channel to receive information, clairvoyants are not constantly bombarded with messages and it is a bit easier for them to tune out this part of their life than it is for those with psychic abilities.

Can A Person Have Both Psychic and Clairvoyant Abilities?

While psychics gather information directly through their minds and senses and clairvoyants get messages through a channel or channels, it is absolutely possible for a person to have both psychic and clairvoyant abilities. For people with both sets of skills, tuning into messages from the other side can be automatic or planned and designed to connect with a specific person.

For people looking for answers only a loved one who has passed on can provide, having a clairvoyant connect them with their loved one on the other side can help them get the answers and closure they need. For people looking for answers about their health, career, future events or other general life situations, a psychic can tap into the energy surrounding them and give them the answers they seek.

Both clairvoyants and psychics can help provide insight, answers, peace of mind and comfort for people looking for guidance. For those who need to be absolved of guilt over someone's passing or their interactions with them while they were still living or for those who need to know their loved ones are at peace and free from pain, fear and suffering, a clairvoyant can connect with the deceased and offer closure.

For those looking for guidance in their love life, career, life choices and answers to questions unrelated to their past relationships or encounters, a psychic can tap into the energy surrounding them and offer unbiased insight that can be used to chart their course.

No matter which supernatural connection you choose, psychics and clairvoyants can offer a deeper look into your issues and help you get the clarity and perspective you need to make decisions, put the past behind you and move forward in your life.

In the world of the supernatural and paranormal, it can be challenging to fully understand what you are dealing with and what kind of help and guidance you need. Whether you need help with your personal life, your professional life or just want to know your loved ones who have passed on are safe, at peace and still with you, psychics and clairvoyants can help.

Whether you choose to work with a psychic or a clairvoyant, you can get the answers you seek by letting them connect you with the other side and tuning into and sharing the wealth of information and insight offered by the other side that goes unseen and unheard by most of us.

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