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Determining Your Life Path Using Numerology

Numbers can play an important aspect in your life, especially when you break down the numbers in your life to find the influence that they have.

Numerology is used to help you gain insight that can help you with you relationships in life, your goals, and the path that you are taking.

If you want to know more before continuing, I've previously written about numerology. It is great for giving you a basic understanding of numerology, whereas this article is more in line with exploring your life path.

Life Path Numbers and Their Meanings

Your life path number is determined by adding together the numbers in your birthday. For example, if your birthday is 01/01/2001 (Jan 1, 2001), then your life number is five (1+1+2+1 = 5).

If you end up with a two digit number, add those together to find your life path number, unless the number is 11, 22, or 33. These numbers are master numbers that hold a stronger vibration in the universe.

First, let’s take a look at each of the nine life path numbers and see what they mean for you.

Number 1: If your life path number is one, then you are an extremely talented, creative individual who knows what you want in life. You have strong leadership abilities that are perfect for inspiring others to follow your lead.

Number 2: As a two, communication and nurturing those around you is extremely important in your life. You always want to help when you can, but this quality can be a drain on your own life.

Number 3: Threes tend to be the life of the party. They are individuals who are popular and in control of life. The engaging nature of these individuals makes them great in sales.

Number 4: As a four, your life path is going to focus around balance and responsibility. You have a defined goal for your life, and you always make sure to save for a rainy day. Putting your responsibility first often leads to early retirement and added adventure later in life.

Number 5: Fives can be a bit of a rebel at times. If you are a five, you are not afraid of new and exciting things, embracing change, and looking at life with passion for the unknown.

Number 6: As a six, you will find yourself often feeling happy and optimistic. Your caring personality makes you a great entertainer, and you are great at hosting events, especially those given for a good cause.

Number 7: Sevens crave knowledge, so if this is your life path number, you will often be seen with your head in a book. You life is essentially a quest for knowledge that can lead you to poetry, music, and other artistic outlets.

Number 8: If you are an eight, you will always chase after your passions in life. You have great communication skills that often help you achieve your goals, but your desire to be recognized can make you seem selfish.

Number 9: If your life path number is nine, you will feel the need to make the world a better place. You have a strong desire for social justice; you have advice to give, but you often keep it to yourself until asked.

Master Numbers

Number 11: If you have a life path number of 11, you are an old soul. You have a high level of natural intelligence, empathy, spiritual insight, and intuition. Your ability to calmly deal with difficult, complex scenarios makes you a great natural leader and teacher. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Edgar Allan Poe are all 11s.

Number 22: 22s are master builders that have a great spiritual intuition that allows them to apply the knowledge that you gain in life to practical concepts that will help you grow into a successful member of society. You also have an interest in freedom, which is why you have a deep love for travel. Leonardo Da Vinci and Paul McCartney follow this master number’s life path.

Number 33: 33s are known as the master teachers. Others see strength in you and often come to you for healing, strength, and compassion. Thomas Edison, John Lennon, and Stephen King all fall within this life path.

Each life path number describes different characteristics that those following the path will experience. I have found my life path number to be extremely accurate, and since I have discovered my life path number, it has felt even more connected to my soul.

If you believe in destiny, then your life number will be a determining factor in your existence, but if you believe in free will, your path will still be guided by this life number. Once you know your life number, you will unconsciously follow a similar path simply because you are familiar with it.

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