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Communicating with a Deceased Loved One

When a loved one leaves this Earth, grief, a sense of loss and unanswered questions are often left behind. Fortunately, healing communication with those who have passed on is possible. By opening your mind and learning to recognize the signs of after-death communication, you just might be able to receive a message from the departed.
There are many ways in which a spirit might try to reach out to a loved one left behind on Earth. Not all of them are easily recognized, and many are discounted as coincidences or figments of one’s imagination. Here are a few common ways that the deceased have been known to reach out to the living.


You might experience a physical sensation that lets you know a lost loved one is near. Perhaps it’s a touch, like a caress of your hand or the feeling of an arm around your shoulders. You might also find yourself suddenly sensing your loved one’s presence, even though you can’t see him or her. Do not discount these sensations; they could be signs of contact from the person you've been missing.

Sounds and Smells

Hearing your loved one’s voice, whether out loud or in your head, is not a sign that you’ve lost your grip on reality; it could be a bona fide attempt at communication. Listen to what the voice is saying, write it down, and answer if possible. An entire conversation might ensue. Spirits also use our senses of smell to reach us. If you unexpectedly smell a distinct scent that reminds you of someone you’ve lost, take note. It could be a sign that your loved one is near.


Seeing your loved one’s physical image is a more obvious sign of contact from the other side. Seeing the deceased looking whole and well can be a healing experience in and of itself, even if no words are exchanged.

Visions and Dreams

Many people discount dreams of departed loved ones as actual communication, but that could be a mistake. Being overcome by a vision during the day or experiencing an unusually realistic dream at night can be considered communication with the deceased. These experiences can be more prolonged and information-rich than other types of contact with the dead because our minds are more relaxed and open at the time.


Many people beg the departed to show them a sign that everything is OK, but then fail to take note when such signs manifest themselves. Anything from an unexpected rainbow, blinking light or malfunctioning appliance, or visit from an animal or bird might be an attempt at communication. Only the person who experiences such a phenomenon can judge whether the incident was a strange coincidence or a true sign from the other side.

There are several ways to make this type of communication with deceased loved ones more likely and more fulfilling. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s hard for spirits to reach across dimensions to grab our attention and relay the messages we need to hear. Sometimes they need a little help. Here are a few ways to facilitate after-death communication.


Your loved one might not know you’re desperate for contact; ask. Pray, speak out loud as if he or she were still alive, or write down your request. Ask for a sign that he or she is still with you, or ask a specific question you need answered. Then, most importantly, watch for a response. It might not come right away, so have patience.


Practice meditation. Not only will this help with grief and provide other health benefits while you heal from your loss, it relaxes you and opens your mind to communication from the deceased. You may experience contact from a loved one while you are in a calm, meditative state or communication may come later, once you’ve resumed daily activities.

Work with a Medium

There are many true psychic mediums out there who have honestly helped people find comfort in communicating with the deceased. There are also many charlatans preying on the grieving, so beware. Do your homework and find a reputable medium who specializes in the kind of contact you seek. The real deal won’t make any guarantees, but if a loved one is having trouble reaching out to you, a medium who’s experienced at recognizing and interpreting spirit contact might be just the thing to facilitate communication.

When your loss is new, grief may cloud your ability to recognize any contact your loved one might be trying to make with you. Be patient, keep your eyes, ears and mind open, and look for signs from the deceased as you heal. Whether you seek answers to important questions, want the chance to bid your loved one goodbye, or just want to know that he or she is alright, the spirit of the departed might be able to give you the information and reassurances you desire if you know how to recognize and interpret his or her efforts at communication.

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