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Most Common Types of Psychic Readings

What, exactly, is a “psychic reading?” What does it mean to be “psychic” and what does a psychic “read?” It’s easy for people to be confused by these loose definitions of a vast spectrum of talents and activities.

Some psychics can literally sense information from other dimensions. Those with talents such as clairvoyance (seeing) or clairaudience (hearing) receive information with their physical body. Some need to touch an object to learn about its energy (psychometry). Those with a talent for clairalience can even interpret energy by smell!

For many others, it is the sub-conscious mind which receives the impressions. These psychics tend to slip into a trance-like state, transferring their conscious awareness to other dimensions (such as the astral plane) in order to get a sense of the energy surrounding a situation. They may consult with a spirit guide in these realms, or tune in to heightened frequencies that simply can’t be sensed from the limited physical world. One of the nice things about dipping into the sub-conscious is that it’s a great training ground for developing psychic abilities – we all spend a lot more time there than we realize. For example, humans have always been fascinated by dreams. From the primitive tribal shaman to the priest in the gilded cathedral, every spiritual leader is expected to interpret the meanings and portents hinted at in the dreams of his or her people. Many psychic readers today offer dream interpretation services, as well.

Whether a psychic receives their information physically or subconsciously, there are plenty of tools that will enhance their abilities. Just about anything can serve as an amplifier of psychic energy: crystals, pendulums, runes, the lines in a palm, “Ouija” boards, candle flames, complicated astrology charts…the list is endless. It’s fascinating to study all the different ways that people invent to access their natural talents. However, a tool that works well for one person isn't always going to work as well, if at all, for another. Everyone who manages to tap into his or her psychic abilities tends to have their own personal “key” that helps them focus and fine-tune their awareness of other-dimensional energy.

Of all the tools that psychics use, tarot cards are probably the most popular, and certainly the most familiar to non-psychics. Almost everyone has seen tarot cards for sale in shops or being used in the movies. Over the centuries, imagery from tarot cards has made its way into popular culture. Millions of people can easily recognize the “Death” card and will feel an emotional response to it, even if most of them don’t understand its true meaning. Even the modern playing cards, with their four suits and royal families, are based on the ancient Tarot designs. In fact, many modern psychics prefer to work with standard playing cards rather than a traditional Tarot deck.

Technology and our evolving global culture have had a huge influence on the field of psychic readings. Long ago, self-proclaimed psychics were rare. Such practices were forbidden by the Church and other local authorities. Advertising was difficult, and could even be deadly – at the height of a witch-hunting panic, simply being accused of having psychic skills would be enough for the courts to issue a death sentence on the unfortunate defendant, whether the charges were true or not. Anyone seeking to hire a psychic would have to search far and wide and keep their intentions well-hidden from those in power. It was usually just easier and safer to turn to the Church for help with spiritual matters.

Happily, that’s no longer the case. These days, psychics seem to be everywhere! Magazines, newspapers, and community bulletin boards are full of ads for tarot readers, palmistry experts, astrologers and other mediums and spiritual advisers who are eager to help people with their questions and problems. What’s more, customers no longer have to travel for miles to a deserted cottage at the edge of the foggy moors, or wait for a mysterious gypsy caravan to arrive in town. Modern gadgetry can put a customer in touch with a psychic instantly, without anyone having to leave their own home. Many psychics are perfectly capable of performing readings over the telephone or via the Internet using a text-based chat program. Some even use web cams to provide live, face-to-face meetings.

Skeptics will say that the rise in both acceptability and availability of psychic services has only encouraged liars and crooks who are just cheating a gullible public out of their money. Certainly, there are some unscrupulous charlatans out there who are only pretending to have psychic powers, but couldn't we say that about any profession, in any era? The fact is that most people who are able to make a living performing psychic services do have an uncanny talent for receiving and interpreting subtle information, with or without tools, and are genuinely trying to use that talent to reach out and help others. The modern world is a wonderful place to be a psychic!

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