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How To Avoid Online Psychic Scams

With the advent of the Internet, online psychics have increased in number. This has also led to many people enlisting their help as compared to traditional psychics. Statistics from CBS reveal that close to 57% of Americans favor online psychics. They have become popular because of the convenience offered by the Internet. Instead of making a trip to a traditional psychic, customers can just connect to their desired psychic through the Internet or telephone. This is a cost effective method that only gets better through specialized offers. Many people have been able to benefit from free readings that are characteristically offered by most online psychics.

However, the issue of online psychic scams continues to be a persistent problem. Some unscrupulous individuals have invaded this sector with the sole aim of duping innocent clients. They take advantage of their clients’ fears and desires to swindle them of their hard-earned cash. These online psychic scam artists normally employ a number of tricks such as the ‘Cursed Egg' scam. Nonetheless, people can avoid these con artists if they have the right techniques. Some of the tips for avoiding online psychic scams include:

Comprehensive research

Before enlisting the services of an Internet-based psychic, it is advisable to research on him or her. Using Google or any other search engine, it is possible for prospective online psychic clients to learn more about their desired psychics. They should key in search terms related to the psychic like his or her name or company. Furthermore, they can ascertain the trustworthiness of the psychic by checking for any reviews or complaints. In case the psychic is a fake, then the reviews would reflect this through numerous complaints from his or her previous clients.

While researching on the psychic, it is also crucial to understand his or her terms and conditions. These conditions are usually available on their websites. People need to understand clearly whether their credit cards are set to incur charges regularly. Equally important is the need to unearth any hidden costs that may be embedded within the charges. Such additional costs should be a warning sign that the online psychic artist is not worth the time or money.

Protection of personal information

Seeking help from a psychic over the Internet should never compromise one’s personal information. The onus is on clients to secure their personal information at all times. One way of doing this is by avoiding unsecure websites that do not have secure services. It is important to avoid sending money to untrustworthy individuals or firms—the same case applies to sending online account details. Staying clear of online psychic con artists would also be possible by avoiding any spam email.

People must always resist the urge to reply to such emails or call any telephone numbers contained within. Some fraudulent characters entice their victims through free personalized readings—the unsuspecting person must first provide his or her personal details. Such personalized readings should be avoided at all costs.

Understanding oneself

Another tell-tale sign that an online psychic is fake occurs when he or she makes clients feel like strangers to themselves. In this case, the con artist describes the clients in ways that are contrary to their personalities. This technique involves exploiting the perception of the clients by confirming them. Such a psychic is definitely not genuine and only seeks to rubber stamp the perceptions of their victims.

A psychic worth his or her salt uses the intuition of their clients with a view to providing a long lasting solution. Clients should see into their souls in comparison to the description of the reader. If something feels wrong, then it is best to walk away.

Avoid falling for personal messages

For some people, their tribulations at the hands of dubious psychics began when they received a private email. Such an email may contain a message from a psychic seeking their urgent attention concerning their welfare. For example, some victims have fallen for the trick that their dead relative or spouse is trying to communicate with them. However, in such instances, it is advisable to ignore such messages.

Most victims do not know that these con artists use their personal details on social media like Facebook and Twitter to fulfill their missions. With this information, they convince victims that they are genuine. Nevertheless, people who fall for this trick would have to part with large sums of money in the latter stages.

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