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Are Ascended Masters Real?

Asencded Masters

Ascended masters are immortals who have attained their ascension. Ascension is the Sixth Initiation. There are nine levels of initiation in total. The first four levels of initiation are within the material world.

Human beings progress through these first four levels of initiation during their lifetimes spent on the physical planet. Beyond the fourth initiation, souls no longer need to reincarnate. The spiritual attainment of such souls has superseded the development possible on Earth because they have already reached enlightenment.

From the fifth level of initiation onwards, souls become a part of the spiritual hierarchy. Ascended masters are members of the spiritual hierarchy.

Ascended masters were once sheer mortals who roamed the Earth in physical bodies. They were born into this world in the same way that everyone was born into this world. When they were born to their mother and their father, they obtained a human body. The human body is just an outer self. The outer self is just a shell made of flesh. Some ascended masters may have undergone many karmic incarnations and took on one flesh followed by another flesh. They have repeated this donning and shedding of new and old skins many times. Conversely, others may have only needed to live in one physical body before they ascended.

All ascended masters, however, have become free from the cycles of re-embodiment. They all have attained their freedom from the cycles of re-embodiment via wisdom and mastery. Their wisdom and mastery is of the incarnate God veiled within their mortal shell. They divined that the skin worn by material creatures is merely the embodied manifestation of the presence of life. The presence of life is the Almighty God who radiates love, light, and manifests in all of the universe's octaves. The Almighty God is in fact individualized. When the Almighty God is personified in individual flesh “The One” is called the “I AM” presence. In every flesh that exists in every universe, there is a “Mighty I AM Presence” held within its mortal capsule.

Ascended masters acquired the wisdom of their “I AM” presence when they were individuals dressed in physical bodies. They eventually found out about their true identity. Their true identity is the unique individualization of God Almighty residing within themselves. They ascertained that all existence comes from “The One.” “The One” is the original source after all. From “The One” comes one energy, one substance, one power, one intelligence, and all forms of existence and consciousness. From “The One” comes all in life, yet all of life is one. The ascended masters have gained understanding of these details and have gone one step further. They have taken the next step and become connected with “The One” interpenetrating their own existence.

Ascended masters have regained full union with their “I AM” presence. When full union with one’s “Mighty I AM Presence” is regained, the state of ascension is reached. Ascension is a complete and permanent union between true identity and the outer self, which is then raised and purified upon full union.

Attainment of full union between true identity and the outer self increases spiritual awareness and enlightenment. In turn, this increase in spiritual awareness and enlightenment leads to spiritual transformation. Ascended masters have experienced a series of spiritual transformations. Each step in the series of spiritual transformation is called an initiation. Ascended masters have underwent the sixth initiation known as ascension. Those who have underwent the sixth initiation are capable of dwelling on the sixth dimension.

Through ascension, ascended masters have united with their “I AM Presence.” In order to reach ascension, they became both wise and masterful in many ways so as to regain full union with their individualized presence of the highest living God. They achieved mastery over the confines of the planes of matter. Each sought and fulfilled his or her own divine plan, better referred to as Dharma. In addition, they balanced a minimum of fifty-one percent of their negative karma. By doing all this and more, an ascended master becomes a source of truth in existence. They provide unconditional love and light to all life. They emanate divine love and light to every form of existence and consciousness. They transcend mortal life, yet still penetrate all existence, with the universal all-pervading presence of life.

In ascension, there is unity between the spiritual and material elements in this universe. The ascended masters seek to help those who have yet to find their individualized “I AM” presence. They teach people who live on Earth how to rid themselves of unwanted hostile karma through loving kindness. They guide people as they progress through spiritual transformation.

They stick by those who fail to progress and instead regress in a reincarnation. When a person’s soul has reached a point that reincarnation becomes no longer relevant, they still remain steadfast in their support towards one’s spiritual development. They want every member of humanity to evolve upwards. The Great White Brotherhood and the Seven Chohans are examples of ascended masters who are striving for the upward spiritual development of humankind.

There is a countless number of nameless ascended masters who subtly work from within individuals, or more prominently through selected persons, and around all people always. There are also ascended masters whose names are known to humankind. Famous examples of ascended masters that can be named are Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Confucius. Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Confucius, and many other ascended masters form The Great White Brotherhood.

From the collective of The Great White Brotherhood and each single ascended master a pure white light is emitted. Pure white light comes straight from the heart of God. This pure white light emitted by the ascended masters illuminates the path back to “The One.” A path back to “The One” is a path to ascension. Masters of Ascension want to light the way for those who are unascended.

There are seven rays of color that make-up pure white light. Each of the seven rays represent a path. Therefore, there are seven pathways that lead to ascension and to God. Consequently, there are seven ascended masters who define the light prism that shines on the seven pathways. The flame of each ascended masters burns pure white in the middle, regardless of the peripheral color seen.

The seven ascended masters have a special name. There special name is Chohans of the Rays. Chohan means Lord in Sanskrit. Chohans of the Rays translates to Lord of the Rays. As Lords, each Chohan defines the laws that pertain to the ray of which he or she is a master of. The Seven Chohans are Ascended Master El Morya, Ascended Master Lord Lanto, Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Ascended Master Hilarion, Ascended Master Lady Nada, and Ascended Master Saint Germain.

El Morya is an ascended master who lights God’s will. God’s will is most clearly in the first ray. In the blue light of the first ray lies God’s willpower, faith, and material goods. Ascended Master El Morya had multiple incarnations. He was Father Abraham, one of the three wise men, King Arthur, and Sir Thomas Moore.

Lord Lanto is the ascended master of the second ray, which is yellow in color. The yellow ray is of discipline and intelligence. Ascended Master Paul the Venetian governs the third ray. The third ray is a rose color and defines divine love, beauty, and genius. Lord of the fourth ray is Ascended Master Serapis Bey. The fourth ray is white and it's center is about peace and spiritualization. Ascended Master Hilarion is lord of the green, fifth ray of healing, nature, and prosperity.

Ascended Master Lady Nada was also once Mary, mother of Jesus. Ascended Master Jesus Christ and Ascended Master Mother Mary are of the sixth ray, which is the pink ray of sacrifice. The violet seventh ray is that of Ascended Master Saint Germain. New age, technology and transmutation are included in the violet ray.

The Ascended Masters of the Seven Rays of Ascension are some of the most well-known ascended masters and lady masters. However, there are numerous more ascended masters who serve the unascended on their path to ascension. Hopefully, there will be many more ascended masters to come as well.

When a soul successfully passes all the initiations needed in order to ascend, that soul will then help all the souls confined to Earth to be elevated up to the ascended galactic society. There may be future ascended masters reading and learning about ascension and the sixth dimension. They will free themselves of their physical bodies and spiritually ascend to a higher sphere via a light pathway.

Current and future ascended masters will help direct and unfold the Almighty god's divine plan for Earth's ascension.

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