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Who Is Psychic Joanne Gerber?

Joanne Gerber is a psychic medium and spiritual teacher from Boston, Massachusetts. Her website,, pays testimony to her experience as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and explains how communication with spirits takes place. Helping her clients communicate with spirit loved ones, her work brings closure and healing to both individuals and families.

Joanne’s work is highly praised as she is listed in online directories as one of the top psychics in the United States. Her gift started when she was a child and through disciplined training, she learned how to use it for the greater good of her clients. Fans of her work say that it is her gentle nature, extensive knowledge of how the spirit world works, and desire to genuinely help people that set her apart from other clairvoyants, clairaudients, and clairsentients.

She made Bob Olson’s “Tested As Legitimate” List where he goes on to praise her abilities and style of readings. Not only was Joanne able to give information about names, physical descriptions of the spirits she came into contact with, she worked hard to come up with house numbers, street names, and even descriptions of the spirits’ careers. This type of evidence made her reading stick with Bob, who admits that he’s experienced thousands of readings but few from an “evidential psychic medium”.

Joanne’s ability and drive to go above and beyond to give her clients the most from their readings show in the evidence she presents. Bob’s reading gave details about his personal life, his relationship and commonalities with his father, and details about projects being done at home and within his family. All of this was done without prompting him for details about the person he was trying to make contact with.

Mission, Goals, and Practice

Integrity guides the work that Joanne does. She speaks truth in her role as a spiritual teacher and medium. She provides education and enlightenment to help her clients through their spiritual journey. Her work with spirit communication is mediumship which serves as a bridge between the world as human beings know it, the material world, and the spiritual world.

Her long list of academic and professional achievements span the course of almost a decade with her work with The University of Arizona being among the most notable. She’s served as an educator, a speaker, writer, and radio personality, too. Her work is known around the world thanks to the different roles she has played as a psychic medium, researcher and spiritual communicator.

Educational Background, Certifications, and Memberships

Joanne’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Business Administration and Marketing. She holds certifications in Reiki as well as Clinical and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy. Her memberships include the Association for Death Education and Counseling as well as The Thantology Association. Her performance of mediumship has been hailed as outstanding and earned her a certificate of achievement which she proudly includes in her list of accomplishments.

Professional Achievements

Holding herself to the highest standards, Joanne’s long list of achievements as a professional include the work she did with The University of Arizona and the VERITAS research team in 2007. Past alumni of the mediumship research program she participated in includes John Edward of “Crossing Over with John Edward,” a popular television show that allowed audience guests to communicate with deceased loved ones through the host and celebrated medium.

The Forever Family Foundation noted Joanne’s achievements the same year as her work with The University of Arizona. The foundation awarded her one of its highest honors, a Certificate of Mediumship Proficiency upon her completion of the certification process. Her ability to proficiently communicate with spirits allowed her to later be nominated in 2009 as an Advisory Board Medium as well as become a member of the board of directors with the foundation.

As her post-doctoral fellowship with the VERITAS Research Program came to a close in 2008, Joanne was then invited to serve in a new mediumship research program at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. It was there that she served as a Certified Research medium.

Joanne then received a certificate of Continuing Education in 2009. She attended a seminar named The Experience of Grief and Bereavement which was held at The National Center for Death Education. It was sponsored by the Massachusetts Psychological Association as well as received recognition from the National Board of Certified Counselors making it yet another accomplishment for Joanne to be proud of.

Speaking Engagements

In addition to speaking at colleges, health expos, and spiritual learning centers, Joanne has been a guest on a number of radio shows locally, nationally, and internationally. She’s made many appearances on TV and even been featured on as a psychic medium. She has her own radio program on Catamount Radio WJJR 98.1 FM. It’s called the “Psychic Segment”.

Classes, Workshops, Demonstrations, and Readings

Joanne continues to make her services available through the classes and workshops she teaches throughout the US. Companies, organizations, and groups wishing to hire her for lectures, demonstrations, and group or private readings can do so by phone or email which are provided on her website.

Joanne’s Tips for Better Readings

Using her knowledge of the spiritual world, Joanne recommends a series of tips that lead to better readings for her clients. Among them, she lists using simple phrases such as “Yes,” and “No,” when she asks about the person who has passed that her clients wants to communicate with. This protects the integrity of the reading because no details are given to the medium prior to the spirit communication taking place.

She also suggests thinking of the person that passed with love. The energy raises the vibration and makes connection easier. Patience and understanding that spirit communication doesn’t always happen when a person wants it to is explicitly addressed by Joanne. She notes that sometimes other spirits come through before the person a client wants to contact does.

Jotting down information during a reading helps jog a client’s memory at a later date, and remaining positive during a reading is key because it allows a person to relax and receive enlightenment from the communication.

Joanne offers “short wait” sessions as a convenience to her clients who have urgent questions pertaining to health, finance, relationships, career, and business matters. She offers guidance throughout the process by answering a client’s prepared list of questions. This type of session does not include communications with passed loved ones. It does, however, include psychic sessions.

Additional Services Provided by the Medium

For fun, Joanne’s website offers special sections dedicated to ESP Testing, Chinese Astrology, Numerology, Natal Reports, and Tarot. By entering in specific details about yourself such as your name and date of birth, you receive free readings and detailed information about your Chinese zodiac sign, birthdate-related numbers, and more. It’s one of the ways she showcases her personality by adopting a playful attitude to mediumship.

Joanne takes the subject of mediumship seriously. She has worked very hard to get to where she is today. Through the training she took, the certifications she received, and the reputation and relationships she has built, she’s highly regarded in the psychic world as being a medium who is honest and has integrity. Her work has been featured in the media dozens of times and she continues to share her wisdom and gifts on the radio with viewers nationwide. Her experience, willingness to enlighten her clients, and kind nature is what people remember most about their readings and experience with her.

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