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Who Is Psychic Medium George Anderson?

George Anderson is a psychic medium who has been able to communicate with those who have passed. He is considered one of the more famous psychic mediums out there and he was actually the first to appear on a weekly television series. He has written several books on being a medium and being able to communicate with the dead in order to help bring closure to those who have struggled with the loss of a loved one.

For over 40 years, George Anderson has been bridging the gap between our work and the world that lies after death. He has been able to communicate messages of hope from those who have passed to those who are still on earth.

It all began at age 6 for George Anderson. He’s had a special relationship with souls that remain “in between.” These souls rely on George to be heard and bring peace to those who are still grieving on earth. Many individuals in the medical, scientific, and even religious fields believe him to be the real deal and regard him as the world’s greatest medium that is living.

While some mediums try to hide their ability to communicate with the dead, George Anderson has made it his career. He has dedicated his life to helping those who have lost loved ones by delivering message of hope from those who are deceased. He has been able to deliver messages with such accuracy and specifics that he is unrivaled by any contemporary in his field. His abilities are so strong that professionals in almost every walk of life consider him to be a genuine conduit with the afterlife.

When George was 6, he came down with the chicken pox and it turned into an almost fatal case of encephalomyelitis, which is the swelling of the brain. There was significant damage to his cerebrum and he was unable to walk. Doctors gave his family very little hope of surviving, but he slowly made a recovery and after about three months, he also regained the use of his legs. Around that time, George began to see a woman’s image. The image wore lilac robes and it wasn’t until later that George understood that it was St. Joan of Arc.

St. Joan spoke to George frequently about the afterlife and the journey that he would later embark on. It wasn’t long before George also began hearing relatives and friends of the family that had already passed on. The episodes were often passed off as a child’s fantasy, but as they continued, George’s parents worried that he had sustained permanent brain damage because of the illness.

Due to the visions, it was alarming the parents and even teachers of George. They thought it was from Schizophrenia and he was going to be committed to an asylum. There was one open-minded, spiritual, and understanding doctor that believed George – and he is the reason that George never saw the inside of an asylum.

George continued to receive messages as a young man and he began to share the messages with people as they were given to him. This was able to comfort those around him and he realized that it was his life’s calling. He was meant to put those suffering at peace with grief by reconnecting them with someone on the other side.

While some people think that George Anderson was chosen by the souls to be a communicator, medical professionals have another theory. They believe that the brain trauma that he experienced as a child rewired his brain in such a way that it allowed him to communicate with the souls. This is because a part of his brain was awakened to being able to discern electromagnetic energy – the same energy that souls use to communicate – or are thought to use to communicate.

Throughout George Anderson’s career, he has completed more than 30,000 meetings for those who are mourning. He is also the medium that has been the most scientifically tested in this century because so many in the spiritual and medical communities want to understand him, test his knowledge and either disprove his abilities or create a new theory as to how he is able to communicate with souls.

Positive reviews have been written about George Anderson by a number of people. Throughout the field of science and afterlife studies, he has been called the “Stradivarius among mediums” as well as the “Gold Standard” when comparing other mediums and their abilities.

Today, George continues to work with people from all over the world. He works with everyday people as well as politicians, heads of state, and even celebrities and royalty. His simple manner makes it easier to listen to what he has to say and his extraordinary ability to communicate messages has been seen over and over again.

George Anderson was the first medium to be in a TV show on a weekly basis. In 1982, Psychic Channels was able to revolutionize the way people thought about mediumship. It also allowed more psychic shows to become mainstream – and allowed more mediums to step forward and show what they could do.

In 1987, We Don’t Die was the first book by a medium to make it to the top of the bestseller list. In 1990, George was also the first medium to accept the challenge for being tested in a rigorous manner by university scientists in order to verify that his ability was true. In 1993, he was also the first medium to create an interest in the mediumship phenomenon with national TV talk shows, magazines and newspapers.

1995 marked the year where the first and only medium has ever been invited to Holland by the Anne Frank family.

He also received permission from the Network Television Standards & Practices to host his own TV show special. In 2001, he was able to host Contact: Talking to the Dead.

Throughout George Anderson’s career, he has been referenced in over 60 books about the paranormal as well as grief and loss. He has been tested to prove that he is the real thing and that he is able to communicate with souls. He has written multiple books and has sold over 1 million copies.

Today, he is still writing, still communicating thoughts with those who have crossed over, and offers private sessions for those who want to be comforted by a message that is waiting for them on the other side. Mediumship is rare, especially at the level that George Anderson has achieved. However, he has made it possible for tens of thousands of people to be comforted by those who have died.

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