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Who is Doreen Virtue?

Doreen Virtue is a fourth-generation meta-physician, American author, folk psychologist, radio host and spiritual doctor of psychology. She is also the founder of Angel Therapy, which is a New Age therapy based on individuals communicating with angels in order to heal and deal with their issues. Virtue has written over 50 books and over ten card decks based on psychological, angelic, elemental and spiritual topics. Moreover, she wrote the best selling book Healing with the Angels. She has also been published in several newspapers and magazines and currently works as a radio host. Furthermore, she holds various workshops on her philosophy and attends conferences on spiritual topics regularly.

Personal Life

Doreen was born on April 29, 1958 in California to a Christian scientist family. She claims she developed clairvoyant abilities as a child and could see and speak with angels. This ability was little understood by her family, and she was regularly teased by her peers. As a teenager, Doreen began to deny her abilities and shut them out throughout her youth. On July 15, 1995, Doreen claims she had a life altering experience.

According to Virtue, angels had been telling her to become a spiritual teacher for quite some time. On that July afternoon, an angel warned Doreen that her vehicle would be stolen. Doreen did not heed the warning, and as she was parking, two armed man with weapons attacked her. The angel told her to scream, and two passerby's came and scared off her attackers. Following this incident, Doreen began using her clairvoyant abilities and communicating with angels. She used her background on Western psychology to develop Angel Therapy, which combined traditional psychology with her ability to communicate with angels.

Doreen has been married and divorced four times. First, she married Larry Schenk in her twenties, and the couple had two sons, Grant and Charles. A few years later they divorced with Virtue citing that Schenk was possessive and emotionally abusive towards her. She later remarried to Dwight Virtue, but the two divorced for undisclosed reasons two years later.

In 1995, she married once more to Michael Tienharra, the owner of a small art gallery; however, the couple divorced four years later. Virtue married a fourth time to another writer from Hay House named Steven Farmer. The two divorced in 2009. Today, the California native resides in Hawaii. She has been a vegan since 1996. Doreen is an avid philanthropists and works with charities dedicated to the environment, animal rights and children. She spends her time with her friends and family and practices scuba diving, hiking and yoga.


Virtue graduated with an associates degree from Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California. She then went on to Chapman University in Orange, California where she obtained her B.A. and M.A. degrees in counseling psychology. In 1993, she completed her Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from California Coast University. Her dissertation topic was on the relationship of adults who suffered from childhood sexual abuse to develop addictions like eating disorders.


Doreen founded and worked for many years as the director of the WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Cumberland Hall Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. She then went on to work as an administrator at Woodside Women's Hospital in San Francisco. Both of these hospitals specialized in treating women with psychological issues. Additionally, she directed three outpatient psychiatric centers including an adolescent drug and alcohol abuse center.

Virtue held a license as a Registered Psychological Assistant and Marriage & Family Therapist Intern until she voluntarily canceled them in September 1993. In her early years, Doreen published many books on psychology and self-help topics on child custody and eating disorders.

Following Virtue’s life altering experience when an angel warned of her impending car theft, she began writing on new thought topics. She currently writes for publishing company Hay House and has published over 50 books, audiobooks and over ten oracle card decks on topics including angels, fairies, children, spirits and ascended masters. She also conducts spiritually oriented courses and workshops. She claims many of her students are medical and psychological professionals. She also hosts a call-in radio show on Hay House Radio.

Doreen is a regular speaker at several new thought conferences including the Mishka Production's Celebrate Your Life and Hay House's annual I Can Do It conferences. She claims she can communicate with angels and does so on behalf of paying clients. Her lifework is to be a medium between people and angels. Virtue believes she studied under Pythagoras in a past life. Furthermore, she is well known around the world for her connection to the realm of angels and believes these otherworldly beings can heal individuals emotionally and physically.

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is a method of spiritual healing that involves individuals who work with their guardian angels and archangels to heal and harmonize their life. This therapy supposedly assists individuals to find spiritual guidance from the angel realm. According to Virtue, all individuals have guardian angels that help perform God's will. When people open themselves up to these messages, they can find peace. She believes that all individuals are alchemists and that angels communicate through numbers. Angels supposedly whisper into people’s ears to give them messages.

Virtue believes she can teach her followers to interpret those messages using Angel Therapy. She also uses an Angel Number Calculator method she invented to locate a person's personal angel. According to Virtue, guardian angels want people to walk a certain path, and not doing so sometimes creates friction that may manifest into psychological or physical illnesses. Since 1996, Doreen has worked with hundreds of individuals as a medium between people an angels. She has also conducted workshops on this therapy and continues to teach her students her philosophy. She has many unsolicited testimonials of individuals who claim Angel Therapy has helped improve their life, and Angel Therapy is a trademark name around the world.

Indigo and Crystal Children

Virtue believes she has received a message from the angels about rainbow children. These children are being sent by God and will be psychic and highly sensitive. Some, she believes, will be uncommunicative and may seem autistic; however, they can communicate telepathically. She claims the spirits told her about these children in a dream and will be called indigo and crystal children. She has also published two books on this topic.


Virtue has published over 50 books and over ten oracle cards. Her most popular books include Assertiveness for Earth Angels and The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel. Many of these books are self-help books to teach individuals on how to listen to messages from angels and receive guidance from the angelic realm. She recently released the Angels Blessings Candle Kit and a children's book Thank You, Angels. Some of her books include accompanying meditation CDs and oracle cards.

Her products are available in over eight languages around the world. These works are published by Hay House, a New Thought and Self-Help publisher founded by Louis Hay that sells works nationally and internationally.

Virtue has also made many appearances on national programs as a talk show guest including on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America and The View. She has been published in several monthly publications, and her work has been featured in McCall's TV Guide, Woman's Day, First for Women, Vegetarian Times, Lotus, Woman's World, Miracles, USA, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, Men's Fitness, Shape and The Denver Post.

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