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What is Magical Manifestation?

Magical Manifestation Information

Achieving our desires can take a lot of work, but sometimes it’s amazing how much just believing in your ability to achieve them can affect your success. Many people consider this just having a positive mindset, but is there something else to this ability to manifest your goals through believing in them?

Magical manifestation greatly depends on mindset. Keeping your goals firmly in mind will cause the universe to manifest them for you, which will help you achieve happiness and contentment. A perfect example lies in the story of Jim Carrey.

During the early part of his career, the famous actor struggled to make ends meet, so every night he would visualize directors seeking him out. In addition to this, he also wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for “acting services rendered,” and gave himself five years to receive it. As you may know, Jim received this check for one of his more popular movies and is still a very famous actor to this day; almost thirty years later.

Jim Carrey used a form of magical manifestation to achieve success. This manifestation is powered by intention, so you must fully intend to succeed at what you set out to do. You must be absolutely certain of it and achieve a mindset of complete positivity. First, breathe deeply and try to align yourself into a space of absolute certainty. You should have no question that what you want will be manifested by the universe.

Secondly, like Jim Carrey’s check, write down what you intend to receive. Be as detailed as possible. For example, if you wish to find a better position or be promoted at work, write down what the position is, your salary, and where you’ll be working. Continuously write this down every time that you are undergoing this ritual; it’s important for the magical manifestation to work.

Grab a glass of very still water; I like to use mineral water because of its high energy content. Place your hands around the glass of water so that you can feel its inherent natural energy. Next, read aloud the intention that you wrote down earlier. It’s absolutely imperative that you use certainty here; it can’t be “I hope this happens,” it has to be, “This will happen to me.” As you are focusing on this certainty, imagine an energy transference that connects you to the glass of water. This helps you form a natural connection to the universe.

Next, while looking at yourself in a large mirror, once again read aloud the intention that you wrote down before, but this time read it in the present tense. This means that you should read it as if your life changes have already happened. It’s important to be as positive as possible and this level of manifestation will work. For this stage, it really helps to not simply read by rote; add as much feeling to your new role or life change as possible. For example, “I love my new job as X” or “I am so happy that I have achieved X.”

Finally, you should drink the water that you used for the previous step. Do so while staring at your reflection in a large mirror, which will help you visualize your success. Once you’ve finished drinking the water, simply state out loud, “As I speak, so it must be.” This is the final step of the ritual, but it is very important as it sends your stated intent out to the universe for manifestation.

You should carry out this ritual at least once a day for it to manifest in your life. Personally, I like to do it twice; once when I wake up and right before I go to bed. This ritual changes the energy within your body and around you as well. Your energy is what interacts with the universe through your unique vibration, and this technique is a great way to dispel the negative energy that keeps you from reaching your goals.

You can use this technique to enhance your personal wealth, find love, build your career, or even heal sickness. It’s amazing how well this works, and while it can’t achieve the impossible, goals that are within your reach will be easily achieved through magical manifestation.

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