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How Far Can Astral Travel Take You?

Astral travel is an out of body experience that allows you to visit places within the world that we live in or on the astral plane itself.

A lot of people know about astral projection; in fact, I have written on the topic before, but not many individuals can say that they have experienced astral travel.

If you have experienced this amazing gift, most likely you did not venture too far out into the unknown.

How Far can You Project when you Experience Astral Travel?

You can travel for miles on Earth; you can travel to the other side of the world and experience a culture that you have never seen before. This can be an exciting journey, especially if you have never been to the location before, but astral travel can actually take you much further than that.

In fact, some have discovered that their abilities have allowed them to explore new worlds and unknown civilizations that we are not sure even exist. You can visit the moon and see the earth from afar. If you are brave enough to travel to space, you will get the chance to see images that have never been seen by most of us here on Earth.

You can even travel to another planet in the galaxy, but it will take a lot of practice and fine tuning of your ability to astral project. With enough concentration, you could easily get too close planets like Mars, but reaching greater distances will be difficult for many.

If you can reach other worlds this way, then it may be a great way to search the planets to see if life is sustainable on them before attempting to make the journey to them. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to learn more about the galaxy that we live in?

More than a Vacation

When you astral travel, you can do more than change locations. If the past, the present, and the future connect at the same point, then you can travel between the realities to find yourself in an entirely different time. Of course, this type of travel will be more difficult, but one way to encourage this type of travel is to think about a specific time and place. Keep thinking about it and make your mind desire going there.

It needs to be an extremely strong desire so that it can effectively rip you out of your own time and take you to another. You cannot select the exact time and place that you want to travel too, but your desire will help guide you to your destination.

Traveling to the past is easier than traveling to the future. The best way to create a burning desire to visit a time that you have already experienced is to look at cherished photos and think about memories that will lead you to that time. When you do make the leap back in time, it is important to know that everything will not be exactly as you remember.

Your perception of your memories may seem faded as well because as time passes, the memories become less clear. Even though the memories are faded, you will still be able to talk to the loved ones that you have lost over the years. Spending a moment more with a loved one is a precious gift that should be cherished, so if you are able to visit your ancestors, you have achieved a great feat. You can also visit people in history that had an impact on your life that you never had the chance to meet. Everyone speaks the same language on the astral plane, so you can talk to anyone that you encounter.

When you decide to travel into the future, you are no longer reliving your memories, so you will experience things vividly. The experience is an intense one that will often present more questions about the future than it answers. Some people would love to have a glimpse into their future, while others would sooner leave it in the hands of fate.

Perhaps astral travel is how the prophets had such an accurate idea of the future; maybe the traveled to another time and the universe used them as a means of sending a message to those of us who could not make the journey ourselves.

Regardless of whether you travel into the past or the future, you will not be able to change anything. These times are located on parallel planes of existence, so nothing intersects with our current time. No one knows exactly how time works.

Each of these planes could be occurring at the exact same time, so it is best that the timelines stay separate so that we cannot interfere with what the universe has planned for our lives.

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