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What is a Psychic Diet?

There are a lot of ways to increase your intuitive nature. Your diet and the type of food that you consume can greatly affect the level of intuition that you have and make it easier to connect with the energies and chakras of the individual that you are reading. As a psychic advisor, what should your diet look like? Let’s first take a look at exactly what a psychic diet is before we start looking at specific foods.

What is a Psychic Diet?

A psychic diet is one where you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. These foods vibrate at higher frequencies, which is ideal for a medium who is trying to connect to the spirits on the other side. The rawer the vegetables are the more likely they are to enhance your psychic abilities. Salads are a great option, or if you do want to cook your veggies, try steaming them lightly so that they are not fully cooked.

Your meat intake should be minimized on this type of diet. Processed food is something that you will want to avoid as well. In addition, make sure that all of the food that you are consuming has a nutritional value, which means that junk food and alcohol should be avoided. Instead of these pointless calories, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially before a reading.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these types of food.

Can I Eat Meat?

Some believe that a meatless diet will enhance your senses and give you a deeper sense of intuition, but I don’t think that eating a burger will kill your spiritual connection. The choice to continue to eat meat or remove it from your diet should be your own, so if you do decide to eat meat, just consider opting for leaner cuts. The best way to know if meat and animal products work for your body is to experiment with eating meat and see if it affects you. Some may decide to cut out red meat, while others cut meat out of their diet fully.

The emotions of an animal are contained in their meat, so when an empath eats meat, they may become empathetic with the animal and feel bad for consuming it, so they may cut meat from their diet. Giving a reading takes a lot of energy, so whether you eat meat or not, eating a lot of red meat before a reading could use up your body’s energy to digest the food, instead of having extra energy to use on the reading.

Processed Foods are Not the Best

Processed foods have little nutritional value when compared to organic meals that you create yourself. There are additives in the processed food that can reduce your abilities. It will provide you with a lot less energy, which means that you will not have the same amount of intuitiveness that you would with natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Junk food is also something that offers little to no nutritional value, so you will want to avoid eating a lot of snacks before a reading.

What are the Best Beverages?

Consuming alcohol and dealing with the spirits do not often work well together, so you do not have to give up drinking altogether. You can go out on the town and enjoy a few drinks with your friends, but if you are getting ready to give someone a reading, then it is not the best beverage to drink. Alcohol lowers your vibrations, which makes you less likely to be able to contact spirits from the other side. The same difficulties arise with other recreational drugs as well, so make sure to keep your body free from these toxins.

Each individual has a different tolerance level for stimulants as well. Caffeine is a great example of this. I can drink a cup of coffee in the morning, it helps me focus on the tasks at hand and often that focus helps me reach the spiritual entity that I am trying to reach. A lot of caffeine, on the other hand, makes me feel like I am on edge all the time, and I find giving readings much more difficult. The best option to stay hydrated is water, but if you feel that you need something more flavorful, try an herbal tea.

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