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Ways to Test your Psychic Powers

The point of training for a marathon is to strengthen your body. You lift weights to strengthen your muscles, and you practice sports to become better at them. Your psychic powers are no different. To improve your stamina for psychic readings, you must exercise your mind’s eye and strengthen your intuition. There are several ways that you can strengthen your psychic abilities; let’s take a look at a few.

1. Cut up several different pieces of colored construction paper. I’d suggest using six or seven different colors. Then, attach each piece of paper onto an index card and write the color on the card. Place the cards face down and mix them up. Choose one of the colors and say it out loud, and then choose a card. How many times did you select the right color?

2. Another game that can help to strengthen your abilities is done with a deck of cards. Remove all of the royalty cards to start, and then shuffle the deck. Cut the cards, and then place your hand over the top one. Say what you think the card is out loud, number and suit, and then flip over the card to reveal what it really is. A correct guess gives you five points. A close guess like a two of hearts when the card is a two of spades will grant you two points. You can play this game with a friend to see whose intuition gets them to 100 points first.

3. A lot of children use flash cards to help them strengthen their mind, and it can be just as effective when it comes to strengthening your psychic powers. This game is similar to the color game that I previously mentioned, but this time you will be using flashcards with the letters of the alphabet on them. This means that you will have 26 different letters to select from when you shuffle the cards, which means that you will need to work a bit harder to find the card that you are looking for. If you find it difficult to find specific letters, try decreasing the number of cards.

4. While you are watching the television, try to come up with words or phrases that the characters in your favorite show will say next. Not common words, but words that take a bit of precognitive powers to discern. If you are in the room with another individual, you can even compare the conversation that you are having with the conversation that is going on in the television show. There will most likely be a number of uncommon words or phrases that are practically identical. This is your abilities at work and a method of strengthening your abilities that is simple to do.

5. Write yes and no on twenty different pieces of small paper. Turn the paper face down and shuffle them around. Have a friend ask you questions that you know the answer to, and reach for the paper that has the correct response. There are quite a few of each response, so it will be easier at first, but as you progress, see how many you can get correct.

6. Another simple way to strengthen your intuitive nature is to picture things in your mind that you have never seen before. If you are traveling to that location, you can compare your vision with what the location really looks like. Compare what you saw with what the location actually looks like. Is there an aspect of the environment that really stands out to you? Maybe you see a red roof in your version that really pops out at you; is that same red door present in the town when you make your visit?

7. Look at photos of individuals who you have never met before. Focus your mind and try to picture them as a person. What do you sense about them? Compare your notes with someone who knows the individual and see if your intuition about their personality is correct.

There are a lot of ways to strengthen your psychic abilities. I have only scratched the surface with the ideas above, but when you do attempt these techniques, try doing them with a friend. When you add competition into the mix, your intuition can kick in more quickly. Training does not always have to be a serious endeavor, have some fun with it.

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