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Supermoon Rituals to Boost Your Spiritual Power

Supermoon Rituals to Boost Your Spiritual Power

For millennia, the moon has served and been recognized as the source of great spiritual power. It’s said that psychic abilities reach their peak during the full moon and also at this time the border between the spiritual world and our own physical world becomes thinner.

During the phases of the moon, just about anyone can feel the spiritual world at work; and as a result, many people’s reception of this spiritual energy tends to have a great effect on their behaviors, but what about the supermoon?

For those that don’t know the phases of the moon, the supermoon is often referred to as the perigee moon in scientific circles. During this period, the moon is at its astronomical closest to the earth.

You’ll notice increased waves due to the moon’s gravity having an increased influence, and you’ll also notice that the moon is far larger in the sky than normal, which is where the term “supermoon” came from. In fact, during this period, the moon can appear to be 20 percent larger than usual.

The moon is a tremendous font of spiritual energy and when its energy is nearest, the earth is suffused, which opens up unique possibilities that only occur when the perigee moon is at its fullest. When this time has come, I do a few rituals that lend me extra energy in my meditations. As a medium, I also find that I am more able to communicate with the spiritual realm and its denizens as well, which makes the supermoon a great time to seek wisdom and guidance.

Crystal Charging Rituals

Crystals are powerful fonts of natural and spiritual energies. They can be powerful foci of healing and gems, minerals, and crystals like abalone, agate, amethyst, and azurite all have huge spiritual benefits like helping unlock the third eye (sixth chakra) and even increase your personal luck. Just like anything, these crystals can be depleted over time and one of the best ways to repower them is through the use of the supermoon’s spiritual energies. Simply place the crystals underneath the night sky and they will recharge. I like to find a place where natural energy is abundant, but it’s not required.

Clearing Rituals

It’s important to shed negative energy from time to time. As a person who can see and even feel a person’s aura, I find that we tend to accumulate negative energies over the course of our lives. While this negative energy doesn’t always manifest hugely or discolor your aura, it’s still important to try and cleanse yourself of this energy from time to time.

Simply sit outdoors underneath the supermoon and imaging a rising tide underneath you. Then, focus on trying to feel the waters rise and washing all of that negative spiritual energy away. Really focus on this cleansing, and you’ll be surprised at how well it will make you feel.

Connect to the Other World

The supermoon is an excellent time to connect with the spiritual realm. Our spirit guides are always observing us and are bright fonts of light that want to help us when they can. If you are already a medium, you’ll notice how easy it is to reach out to your guides during this phase of the moon, and even if you’re not, it’s still very easy to connect with guides during this period. Simply sit and meditate and let the moonlight suffuse your spirit and the guides will manifest.

Healing Rituals

This is a great time for healing as you might expect. Take the time to heal both your spiritual and physical self by taking part in these rituals:

Physical: Since this is a time of supreme natural energy, this is also a perfect opportunity for you to concentrate on what ails you. Now is a good time to utilize healing items like lavender oil, abalone shells, or bloodstone. Simply hold these types of items in your hand, and you’ll feel better.

You’ll also be surprised at how much better you’ll feel better physically by just being outdoors during the supermoon. From time to time, I even like to camp out during full moons; this always makes me feel stronger and more connected.

Emotional: During any full moon, our spiritual selves manifest more directly through heightened emotional states. With so many complex emotions near the surface, you should acknowledge each so that you will experience a much more contented state.

You can do this through the creation of an emotional diary. Write down what you feel during the perigee moon, and you’ll be surprised at how much healing this simple exercise can provide.

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