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Spirituality Exists on Instagram

Being spiritual, in the opinion of many, becomes more difficult in the face of modern technology. Conveniences like Smart TVs, laptops, and even social media can make it easier to become disconnected from the larger world, but what if you can use modern conveniences to foster a sense of deep connection?

It definitely has been happening; in fact, one of the more surprising uses for social media happens when you see people use it to try and display a more spiritual side of things; you hear people talk about meditation, yoga, and alternative belief systems on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. More recently, the image and video-based social media platform of Instagram has become a very popular place to talk about spiritual beliefs, which is what I wanted to write about today.

While many might argue that incorporating things like smartphone cameras might actually disrupt the peace of something like meditation, there are many Instagramers out there who love to record their meditation sessions and display them on the platform. Also, there are many spiritualists out there who use Instagram as a platform for speaking about their spiritual beliefs.

In my opinion, Instagram is actually perfect for this; platforms like Facebook and Twitter are simply too public, but Instagram allows you to share what you’re thinking more privately – away from the judgments of family and former classmates. As a result of this heightened feeling of privacy, Instagram is experiencing something akin to the blogging boom of the first decade of the 21st century; and as a result, there are a plethora of new spiritual personalities cropping up on the app-based social network. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can make your own Instagram account more spiritual.

Transcendental Meditation-based

There are several teachers of meditation on Instagram that try to extend their spiritual classrooms into the world of the social media phenomenon. If you’d like to steer your followers into more effective meditation, several Instagram-based accounts like @unplugmeditiation host videos of meditation techniques, images of their classes, and thoughtful saying that are designed to provide the impetus for meditation.

Images from Nature

The spiritual has a firm basis in the natural world. Many modern spiritualists are using their Instagram accounts to highlight the transcendent beauty of nature. Whether you’re going for a walk or a jog or are traveling to reconnect with earth energies, chronicling your travels on Instagram can inspire people to take a more spiritual perspective. Spiritual ley lines do exist and where they meet can provide some powerful earth magic. Capturing some of the natural beauty of these places will inspire your followers to go out and experience the power that the world has to offer.

Inspirational Thinking

Thinking deeply is very important to the spiritual person. If you find that you have a perspective that can help others think mindfully or you simply have read a deep quote from someone like Maya Angelou or Anne Leclair, share these spiritual thoughts on your Instagram account. Deep thinking is important to the spiritualists and giving your followers something to reflect on can help them achieve true balance in their lives.

Thoughts on Mindful Living and Focus

Similarly to inspirational thinking, these types of Instagram posts will help your followers to clear their head of negativity and focus on their own existences. I like to post spiritual images of highly connected locations like Stonehenge and pose questions either directly on the image or accompanying it that help my followers reflect on their own lives. It’s keenly important that we all look deeply into our own lives so that we can connect with others, so anything that can help your followers do this is very valuable.

Hashtags That You Can Use

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following, you can use spiritual hashtags that will make it easier for spiritually-minded people or people who are seeking guidance to find your Instagram page. In my opinion, it’s useful to refine your used hashtags so that people can find your posts and page easier. For example, simply typing in the hashtag #spiritual will garner you over five million results, but using the hashtag #spiritualgrowth refines that greatly to several hundred thousand pages.

In Summation

Instagram is a great platform for spiritual learning. If you want to help others find spiritual guidance, right now there is no better social network for these types of posts. In any situation, I hope you can learn to use this new platform as a way to share the universe with your followers. Happy sharing!

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