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Spiritual Enlightenment and Happiness in Seven Days

Spiritual Enlightenment and Happiness in Seven Days

Happiness is a mindset that we need to embrace. Being happy all the time can be difficult, especially if things are not going the way you plan. Oftentimes we forget that we are the most important aspect of our happiness.

We get busy at work or with daily activities, but we forget to take time for ourselves.

This guide will help you find your inner peace, which will result in true happiness and spiritual enlightenment in only seven days.

Day One

The first day is going to focus on loving yourself, which is something that many find difficult. Loving yourself can be something that you forget to do, which is why you seem so unhappy with life. Treat yourself to a massage that will make you feel loved. For love to radiate from your soul, you need to feel loved. Today, say “I love you!” to yourself every time that you see your reflection in the mirror. Make sure to say it as much as possible so that you believe it by the time you go to sleep at night.

Day Two

Embrace the love that you filled yourself with yesterday and share it with the world. Show love to everyone that you encounter today. No matter how negative their energy is, show unconditional love to your family, friends, and co-workers throughout the entire day. Their bad day could be a result of something that is unavoidable, or perhaps they feel neglected and ignored. Spend some effort trying to make their day better. Remember, smiles are contagious, so spread the love that you are feeling to everyone you see. As you go to sleep at night, make sure to say “I love you” while gazing out your window to spread the love that is in your heart to the universe.

Day Three

Today, you will appreciate all of the small things in your life. Make it a point to say “thank you” for everything that someone else gives you as well as things that you take for granted. Say “thank you” for the sun, the rain, your coat, the bus ride to work; appreciate your life with a smile on your face. Even when you appreciate something, you don’t often express gratitude with a thank you. When you openly express thanks for things in your life, you will realize how fulfilling your life really is and you will be overcome with joy.

Day Four

Bring the appreciation for the small things in your life to the interactions that you have with people. Show individuals who have a part in your life that you appreciate them. Say it out loud so that they can hear it, and make sure to tell them why you appreciate them. Throughout the day, appreciate your belongings, the food that you eat during the day, and the smell of your coffee as you wake up in the morning.

Day Five

Now that you are more than halfway through the week, you should be feeling a lot of love, thankfulness, and appreciation in your heart. These feelings are something that you feel on occasion, but not feelings that you bring to the forefront of your thoughts each day. To become spiritually enlightened, you need to feel these specific feelings. The more you love and appreciate the things in your life, the more the universe will respond to your happiness.

Day Six

Life is only as difficult as we make it. Today is a day for relaxation. Even if you have to work, relax when you get home. Take a nice relaxing bath to soothe away your stress. Don’t do anything that requires effort this evening, unless it is something that you truly enjoy doing. Remember that no matter how hard life seems at the moment, the universe has your back. Things will sort themselves out; you just have to be open to the solutions that are presented to you. Before you go to bed tonight, reflect on your life, your loved ones, and how fortunate you are. Spend some time meditating, and you will feel spiritually enlightened in no time.

Day Seven

Today is the final day of the week, so you can bring all of the feelings that you experienced this week together to become truly happy and spiritually enlightened. During this past week, you should have discovered how to love and appreciate yourself as well as those that surround you in life. Take these lessons with you each day, and you will feel true bliss in life. Any time that struggles arise in your life, create a mantra that you can recite to help you get back to the spiritually enlightened, happy individual that you want to be.

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