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Simple Spells For Welcoming Positive Change Into Your Life

You don't have to be in the possession of an extensive grimoire, or even be in the know about magical practices, to bring a bit of positive change into your life.

Many of the simplest spells pack the biggest cosmic punch, with easy-to-find items that can be procured just about anywhere, and carried out wherever and whenever you're most comfortable.

Here are some of the best magical rituals to welcome good fortune and some positive transformations this season:

1. Bay Leaf Intention Setting Spell

This spell is ideal for putting simple, targeted desires into action.


1 bay leaf, preferably fresh
Felt tip pen or marker
Lighter or matches


Sit in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed and hold your bay leaf in your hand (firmly, but not enough to crush it). Concentrate on what you wish to bring into your life–a new romance or job, or perhaps relief from a physical or mental ailment. Meditate on this desire until you feel that the proper energies have been put into place, then write that desire down on the bay leaf. Burn the bay leaf and either bury the ashes near a beloved tree or garden, or set them lose in the wind or body of water.

2. Mirror Protection Spell

This spell has been used for centuries to protect one's self and home from those who wish to do harm, either with their nasty thoughts or possible actions. Once the mirrors have been put into place, any negative energy or wishes sent your way will be returned to the sender–often tenfold.

Items: Small hand mirrors, brand new and never looked into (The mirrors should NOT be double-sided.)

Once you have purchased your mirrors, make sure to cleanse them with salt and water or the smoke of sage or Palo Santo. Do not look into the mirrors! Hang a mirror in whichever window you desire–it can be one or one for every cardinal direction. While you hang the mirrors, repeat out loud: “Whatever ill-will is sent my way will be promptly returned to its sender. Thanks be.”

Remember not to look in any of the mirrors, and be sure to tell any family members or roommates as well; doing so will redirect any outside negativity right back to you!

3. Letting Go Spell

Sometimes our own inability to let go of certain people or memories holds us back from embracing joy and abundance. This spell is a simple and loving way to let go of what you no longer wish to carry into the future.

Items: White flowers of any kind, must be fresh (white is the color of purity and good intentions)
Piece of paper

Write down the names of those whom you wish to let go of–lovers, toxic friends, or abusers. You can additionally write down events and memories that haunt you, as well as bad habits and obsessions you may be hung up on. Once you have completed your list, place it under the vase of flowers and envision each name, memory, or event wilting as the flowers do likewise. Once the flowers have wilted and died, take the piece of paper, burn it, and release the ashes into the wind or a body of water, bidding it–and all it contains–farewell.

4. Good Luck Penny Spell

This spell only requires a single penny, but has long been sworn by. Not only will you draw a bit of luck and ‘coinage' to yourself, but whoever finds the coin will do the same, doubling the spell's strength by virtue of a good deed on your behalf!
Item: a single penny, of any origin.

Hold your penny tight and place that hand over your heart. Then place the penny over your third eye–the center point just above your eyebrows–and say aloud “Penny for luck!” Kiss the hand holding the coin, then toss it into a fountain, river, or flowerbed; anywhere you feel is appropriate. Walk away and don't look back.

Additional rituals and items for everyday use:

There are countless ways to incorporate positive magic into your life and daily routine. Course sea salt is a wonderful way to scrub off any residual negativity that may be sticking to you; many prefer to do a salt scrub in the bath or shower once a week, either at the start of or end of the week. Precious stones carried in one's pocket, bag, or kept in special places around the home can also bring about good fortune and higher vibrations, as well as eliminate unwanted entities and influences.

For more rituals, visit the Real Spell Casters website.

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